Water Fountain Makeover

Can you appreciate a beautiful water fountain?   Well, I can.  Man made or God made, I love water features.  I love listening to it, gazing at it, and swimming in it.   It is my happy place.

water fountain 5

My backyard has been an oasis for me each summer.

Living in the north, I wait in anticipation for the first signs of spring to break out the picnic table, lawn furniture, potted plants, and the water fountain.

The fountain was brown and weathered but in great working condition.  In other words, ugly but useful.

ugly water fountain

We moved and the color scheme of the backyard changed so I thought it was the perfect excuse to give the water fountain a makeover.

Step #1

Spray paint is awesome.  With an ample selection of colors, it is a simple and fast way to change the look of any project.

Since I love the ocean, (I know, I love a lot of things) I wanted a sea blue color and the variety of a shades left me deciding that Rust-oleum had the perfect shade for my oasis update.

water fountain spray paint
Walmart $3.86

I put my paint cloth down on the grass in my usual spot and applied the first coat and after waiting the appropriate time, I applied the second coat.

My husband happily watered the plants and herbs only a few feet away from my work area.

Accidentally, he turned while still holding the hose with water gushing out and yes, you guessed it, sent speckles of water drops onto my freshly painted water fountain.

water fountian 6

Oh the irony.  The only time water shouldn’t be near a water fountain is in the middle of a makeover.

There were tiny specks of bubbled spray paint right on the front of the fountain.

Me and my man sat and pondered our options.

We could sand it down and see if that worked.

I had a better idea.

Step #2

I went up stairs to my stash of crafting extras and brought down a jar of glitter.

If you apply glitter to wet spray paint, it sticks perfectly and in this case covers up the bubbles.

sparkle for water fountain

Step #3

I love sparkle about as much as I love water so this accident was a win win situation.

water fountain 2

I completed the makeover with new sparkling white stones which I purchased at Lowe’s for $5.00 and added some glass beads to top off the elegant and inspiring look.

Moral of the story, some favorite seasonal item such as furniture, pots, and in this case water fountains may still have some life in them but they just need to be spiced up from season to season.

water fountain completed

I hope you find a project that you can spice up with spray paint.   Subscribe below for our free updates as we continue to find the right tools for the job!





water fountain makeover in 3 easy steps


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