VRBO Trip Boards ||Inspiring while planning

VRBO Trip Boards Benefits

VRBO trip boards are the perfect way plan for a vacation.  They help you organize and plan while making it easy to share what you find. If you save your VRBO trip boards after you log in, you can: 

  • Email potential homes to others in your party
  • Scan amenities to see which home will fit your needs
  • Compare properties side by side
  • View photos to see which decor will help you relax the most while on vacation
  •  Discover potential home decor ideas that can be implemented in your home

Why use VRBO for inspiration?

VRBO trip boards as a gathering tool for home improvement & decor ideas is an awesome idea.  It is another source to get inspiration.  When you rent a VRBO home, you can decide (without going through the hassle of doing it yourself) if the decor or improvement was worth it before you invest time and energy.

We love PINTEREST and highly recommend it for the ease it allows you to gather ideas.  We have spent hours curating ideas for each area of your home. For home improvement and decor inspiration, CLICK HERE.

Courses WE offer

Remember that you can save your VRBO trip boards to reference later.  Once you return from your vacation and you determine what home decor & improvements you want to make in your home, consider a course that we have designed to help you with your project.  CLICK HERE for our courses.

vrbo trip boards
Perfect Game Room, VRBO Rental Virginia Beach"

Travel Inspired Decor

We never want the feeling of being relaxed and revived to go away once you return home from vacation.  That is why we strive to provide DIY Home Improvements and Decor ideas for you to include in your home once you return.  CLICK HERE How to Upcycle a Dresser with Travel Decor for travel inspired home decor ideas that you can do as a DIY project. 


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