Top 5 DIY Home Decor of 2015

DIY Home Decor 2015 year in review!

Here is it folks!  The top 5 DIY Home Decor projects from Pink Tool Girl.  Thanks to all of you who have read my stories, laughed with me, commented on different projects, stopped me in stores to tell me that you enjoy the posts and who have signed up for our free email subscription to continue this journey with me.  I am excited for a brand new year.

I wanted to walk down memory lane with a few pictures of my Top 5 DIY Home Decor projects of 2015.

These were some of your favorites based on your comments.  I have to admit I have a few favorites too that I’ll add to this list.

#5  The Kitchen Back Splash


DIY Home Decor Project Kitchen Back Splash

My friend Terry helped me install this backsplash and it was one of the first projects in this new house.  It still makes me happy each time I turn on the light and look at the glass tile.

We completed this project in two days and you can follow the tutorial here.  Let me know if you have installed a back splash in your house.  I’ve started a Pinterest board for supporters called Pink Tool Girl Superstars who have created their own projects based on one of our tutorials.  Let us see and praise your work!!!

#4 Painting kitchen cabinets using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

DIY Home Decor Annie Sloan Paint

I’ve now completed 10 projects with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and I love this paint more each time I use it.  Painting all of the cabinets was a huge task but it has paid off.  Click here to read one of my earliest posts on how to paint raw oak cabinets with Chalk Paint.

#3 Hutch Makeover

DIY Home Decor Hutch with Annie Sloan Paint

I honestly don’t know what I would do with out the extra storage in my hutch.  It has come in handy so many times not only as storage but as a buffet during dinner parties and the holidays.

This was one of my first projects with Annie Sloan paint and I was hooked after doing this DIY Home Decor Project.  Click here for the story on rejuvenating this hutch.

#2  Removable Wallpaper Striped Wall

DIY Home Decor Stripe Wall with Removable Wallpaper

This has become one of our favorite rooms to hang out in because the decor came together to create a very cozy room.   Who knew that removable wall paper (available at Target) was going to add so much flavor to the room?  Check out how we applied removable wall paper to our walls here.

#1 Stenciled Dining Room Table

DIY Home Sloan dining room table stencil with chairThe winner hands down has been the stenciled dining room table.  This DIY Home Decor Project took two days and transformed a $10 table purchased at Goodwill into a piece that we treasure.  We eat dinner each night at the table and still feel like we are sitting in a bistro in Paris.

I am hooked on stencils for DIY Home Decor projects and I can assure you that I will be doing many more stencils in 2016.

Let us know what you think about these projects and let us know if there is a project that you would like us to do as a tutorial.









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