French-Inspired – Ooh la la!

I have a passion for all things French-inspired.  How about you?  Do you enjoy this classic decorating style? What are characteristics of French-inspired decor? French-inspired can include ornate and embellished furniture, gold leaf wall fixtures, distressing paint on edges or broad strokes, or prints of famous French landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, or […]

Top 5 DIY Home Decor of 2015

DIY Home Decor 2015 year in review! Here is it folks!  The top 5 DIY Home Decor projects from Pink Tool Girl.  Thanks to all of you who have read my stories, laughed with me, commented on different projects, stopped me in stores to tell me that you enjoy the posts and who have signed […]

How to stencil a monogram

A friend asked how I monogrammed different projects so I thought it would be worth showing this simple how-to article to help her and anyone else interested in using a stencil to monogram.  Here is a 5 step tutorial to help create a monogram stencil on a canvas, pillow, wood furniture. #1- Select your Paint for […]