How to use an AUGER to dig fence posts (Save Time & Sanity)

how to use an auger to dig fence posts

How to use an AUGER to dig fence posts Hey, this is Sandy. This is Andy. And today we’re going to talk about how to use an auger to dig your fence hole posts. One man, one man. One man auger- there you go. We provide budget-friendly home improvement advice where we help you to […]

DIY backyard fence

A DIY backyard fence takes time (and a good deal of patience if doing the project with a perfectionist) but it is well worth the payoff! Typically, I wouldn’t sign up for a massive project like this but it had to be done. I had dubbed the backyard VOasis (the V stands for our last […]

The Day the Dumpster Came

The Day the Dumpster Came was long anticipated. We knew we needed to rent a dumpster.  Tearing down the walls and getting ready for the renovation would require a rental but we weren’t sure what size to rent.  We went with the largest dumpster.  I really didn’t think we would fill it to the top.  […]

How to flatten my yard – hire a landscaper

Is your lawn full of weeds, lumpy and on a slope?  Mine was and I needed to flatten my yard and add proper drainage so that when it rained outside, the water wouldn’t also end up in our basement (yuck). I have a friend who is known for saying “How hard can it be?”   His sweet […]