How to turn your attic into an office space

How to turn your attic into an office space It may take creative vision to imagine how to turn your attic into an office space.  But…you can do it! Most attics are ugly.  They usually lack any signs of character, sometimes they don’t have nice walls, and most of the time they are forgotten spaces left to […]

Reviving a Dining Room Hutch

Do you ever wish you could have a wedding shower for each decade of marriage?  You know, register for things you actually will use, splurge on items that you would add to your home decor, and update items you got on your first registry.  I think we should start a trend.  But seriously, where do […]

Removable Stripe Wallpaper

Using Removable Stripe Wallpaper is simple to use and improves your home decor instantly. The room was an eyesore.   Without any paint or wallpaper on the wall, it was plain and uninteresting. The walls were uneven.  The shape was odd.  It was a main room in the house and I didn’t know what to do […]