How To Paint Chair Fabric

paint chair fabric

Paint Chair Fabric for Fresh Look How to paint chair fabric is the perfect way to revive a chair.  You can experiment with different fabrics to see what works best.  For today’s project,  how to paint chair fabric, we will focus on canvas material. There are several types of fabric that you could try: cotton […]

How to Use Spray Paint & Fabric for a Furniture Makeover

furniture makeover

Why a Furniture Makeover is a good choice Could a chair in your home use a furniture makeover? There have been numerous dining room chairs, recliner chairs, tables, and a hutch that have benefitted from a makeover in our home. No piece of furniture is safe from paint in our home. Sometimes a fresh coat […]

How to Choose Different Types of Paint for an Easy Furniture Makeover

different types of paint

Different Types of Paint There are several different types of paint that are perfect for a furniture makeover.  In our video, we detail which paints we have used on different types of furniture.  We give 5 tips that will help you paint your furniture with ease as well.  We also give best practices that will […]

(Part One) How to do a Budget-Friendly Kitchen Renovation (BEFORE & AFTER)

how to do a budget-friendly kitchen renovation

Kitchen Renovation Before & After A kitchen renovation before and after picture will get me every time.  I love to pour over pictures and see what other talent and creative people did to make their kitchens look amazing.   It has come to my attention that there are so many aspects to a kitchen renovation that […]

How to Upcycle a Dresser with Travel Decor

how to upcycle a dresser with travel decor This project tickles my soul.  I love combining my love for travel and painting stuff! Using a stamp to add travel decor is the perfect DIY project.  Changing the knobs on a dresser can also provide a fresh look too.   Check out our PINTEREST board where we love to collect travel decor inspiration for […]

7 Types of Paint (and where to use them)

Paint: so many choices but what types of paint can I use on what types of surfaces? Keep reading because I am going to break it down into a few simple lists today.  If you want more details about paint options, types, and techniques, then sign up below for our weekly email.  This series on paint […]

DIY Dorm Room Decor

DIY Dorm Room Decor!  What is your style? Finding the perfect DIY dorm room decor takes one part patience, one part elbow grease, and two parts creativity. But let me first start with……..I cry.  I’m very sentimental.  I’ve been dubbed “the crier” on many occasions. However, dropping my niece off for college surprised even me.  […]

How to stencil a monogram

A friend asked how I monogrammed different projects so I thought it would be worth showing this simple how-to article to help her and anyone else interested in using a stencil to monogram.  Here is a 5 step tutorial to help create a monogram stencil on a canvas, pillow, wood furniture. #1- Select your Paint for […]

Wreaths for every season

There are so many choices for wreaths……and I only have one front door.  OK, I actually have two front doors but I only want one to be highlighted.  Why I have two doors is an entirely different post that I’ll write later. I went back and forth looking at different styles of wreaths that could […]

Paint Picks! So many choices!

We bought unfinished oak cabinets for a temporary kitchen that will eventually serve as a mud room or laundry room.  This has been a huge project because we will be using it as our main kitchen for the next few months until our “official” kitchen is renovated.  Picking between paint and stains has been my […]