How to hang an ACRYLIC CALENDAR for wall

acrylic calendar for wall

step by step Instructions Acrylic Calendar for wall tutorial gives several simple step by step instructions. Gather your tools Decide placement on wall Mark holes Drill pilot holes Install Anchor Hang Calendar on wall with a buddy Use washer, nuts, and screws to build the calendar out from the wall Follow these simple steps to […]

How to turn your attic into an office space

How to turn your attic into an office space It may take creative vision to imagine how to turn your attic into an office space.  But…you can do it! Most attics are ugly.  They usually lack any signs of character, sometimes they don’t have nice walls, and most of the time they are forgotten spaces left to […]

Office Space Upgrade

Getting my niece ready for college inspired me to give my office space a makeover.  Since we have been busy demolishing half of our house, we put several spaces where we are living on hold until we decided what we want to do with them once the renovation is complete.  My office space was one […]