7 Types of Paint (and where to use them)

Paint: so many choices but what types of paint can I use on what types of surfaces? Keep reading because I am going to break it down into a few simple lists today.  If you want more details about paint options, types, and techniques, then sign up below for our weekly email.  This series on paint […]

Headboard Milk Paint Music Video

Tools Needed: Two shades of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, paint brushes, water, drop cloth, sense of humor for mixing milk paint for the first time WARNING – SILLINESS AHEAD:  I had a music video running through my mind while writing this post.  I’ve got to warn you that it was more like a Weird […]

Reviving a Dining Room Hutch

Do you ever wish you could have a wedding shower for each decade of marriage?  You know, register for things you actually will use, splurge on items that you would add to your home decor, and update items you got on your first registry.  I think we should start a trend.  But seriously, where do […]