diy fall decor

Easy DIY Fall Projects Our video tutorial will help you create easy DIY fall decor that you can use year after year. My summer flowers are still blooming but the calendar keeps moving forward into this cooler season. We have been enjoying the cooler nights by our FIREPIT that we built a few years ago. […]

Wreaths for every season

There are so many choices for wreaths……and I only have one front door.  OK, I actually have two front doors but I only want one to be highlighted.  Why I have two doors is an entirely different post that I’ll write later. I went back and forth looking at different styles of wreaths that could […]

The view from the Front Porch Swing

When you are outside at your house, where do you hang out?  Are you a front porch swing people-watcher or a backyard dweller? I was always a backyard gal until we moved to our new house.  The front porch swing has become a favorite spot for my family to hang out.  The colorful flowers are […]