Amazing French Inspired Home Ideas in 2021 with budgeting tips

Top 8 French Inspired Home Ideas In my opinion, a french inspired home is beautiful, elegant, and has the ability to evoke relaxation through a variety of design elements. Personally, it is my style of choice. In today’s video, we discuss the 8 elements that homeowners can consider when choosing a french inspired home. For […]

Distressing Furniture with Junk Monkey Paint

Junk Monkey Paint:  DIY Chalk Paint A friend of mine repeatedly encouraged me to go visit a local shop, Sonia’s Shabby Chic, in our town.   A new brand of paint with a fun name -Junk Monkey-, was waiting for me to try.  I love to transform a piece of furniture by distressing it with […]

Before and After French-inspired DIY projects

Third Runner Up for Favorite Before and After French-inspired DIY projects. I love a good before and after comparison picture.  How about you? Like any good pageant, there needs to be a winner.  Even if I announce the winner then decide I slipped up and give it to another project (a la Steve Harvey), I […]

How to repurpose furniture using nailhead trim

How to reupholster a chair using nailhead trim

Repurpose your furniture using nailhead trim in 8 easy steps. Just as a note a warning: This was not a beginner project to repurpose this piece of furniture.  If you are just starting out doing DIY projects and if you try this one first, it may be your last.  🙁 That is unless you love a […]

Headboard Milk Paint Music Video

Tools Needed: Two shades of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, paint brushes, water, drop cloth, sense of humor for mixing milk paint for the first time WARNING – SILLINESS AHEAD:  I had a music video running through my mind while writing this post.  I’ve got to warn you that it was more like a Weird […]