7 Easy Fall Decorations Using Quikrete

7 Easy Fall Decorations Using Quikrete!! Get ready for 7 easy Fall Decorations using Quikrete.  This project was inspired by a brain storm session with left brain about how to use concrete for creative purposes.  If only you could have seen his face when I first proposed the challenge. Fall Decorations are everywhere so I said goodbye […]

Homemade Leaf Banner

The maple tree in our backyard is the last one on the block to shed it’s leaves every year.  My boys love looking for the biggest and most colorful leaf and bringing it indoors to show me.  They were so excited to make their homemade leaf banner using the leaves that they collected. Step 1 […]

Falling Leaves and clay pot silverware holders

Outdoor entertaining in the fall can have its little quirks.  For me, the cooler weather can make it more difficult to ask guests to enjoy a meal outside if you don’t have the right tools.  Silverware holders were the subject of my creativity on this beautiful sunny day. I’ve come up with three things that […]