How to Paint a Frame

how to paint a frame This tutorial on how to paint a frame is a quick video to compare using spray paint or brush on paint. We compare the pros and cons to using either paint method. This video takes a picture frame and uses paint to upcycle the photo frame.  Our budget-friendly DIY project helps you decide if […]

How to Use Spray Paint & Fabric for a Furniture Makeover

furniture makeover

Why a Furniture Makeover is a good choice Could a chair in your home use a furniture makeover? There have been numerous dining room chairs, recliner chairs, tables, and a hutch that have benefitted from a makeover in our home. No piece of furniture is safe from paint in our home. Sometimes a fresh coat […]

How to Choose Different Types of Paint for an Easy Furniture Makeover

different types of paint

Different Types of Paint There are several different types of paint that are perfect for a furniture makeover.  In our video, we detail which paints we have used on different types of furniture.  We give 5 tips that will help you paint your furniture with ease as well.  We also give best practices that will […]

How to BUDGET for your Kitchen Renovation Cost

how to budget for your kitchen renovation cost

Tracking YOur Budget How to budget for your Kitchen renovation cost is time consuming.  It will be different for everyone. Thankfully, our Ultimate Home Improvement guide shows you how to budget for kitchen renovation costs.  Start your kitchen renovation by downloading the GUIDE and then decide what area of your home you are going to […]

(Part Two)How to do a Budget-Friendly Kitchen Renovation

how to do a ktichen renovation Part two

Budget-friendly kitchen renovation ideas As we discussed in Part One- A kitchen renovation before and after picture will get me every time.  There are so many ideas and elements that can be added to update your kitchen.  It is hard to decide how to stretch your budget to include all the bells and whistles that […]

(Part One) How to do a Budget-Friendly Kitchen Renovation (BEFORE & AFTER)

how to do a budget-friendly kitchen renovation

Kitchen Renovation Before & After A kitchen renovation before and after picture will get me every time.  I love to pour over pictures and see what other talent and creative people did to make their kitchens look amazing.   It has come to my attention that there are so many aspects to a kitchen renovation that […]

VRBO Trip Boards ||Inspiring while planning

VRBO Trip Board

VRBO Trip Boards Benefits VRBO trip boards are the perfect way plan for a vacation.  They help you organize and plan while making it easy to share what you find. If you save your VRBO trip boards after you log in, you can:  Email potential homes to others in your party Scan amenities to see […]

How to hang an ACRYLIC CALENDAR for wall

acrylic calendar for wall

step by step Instructions Acrylic Calendar for wall tutorial gives several simple step by step instructions. Gather your tools Decide placement on wall Mark holes Drill pilot holes Install Anchor Hang Calendar on wall with a buddy Use washer, nuts, and screws to build the calendar out from the wall Follow these simple steps to […]

Kitchen Concrete Countertops Pros & Cons

kitchen concrete countertops pros and cons

Kitchen Concrete Countertops Pros & Cons Kitchen Concrete Countertops Pros & Cons is an Honest Review after years of a DIY Installation: Today’s video discusses the pros and cons of concrete countertops. This kitchen renovation was a DIY Home Improvement project where we installed concrete or cement countertops in our kitchen. Any DIY installation can […]

How to Upcycle a Dresser with Travel Decor

how to upcycle a dresser with travel decor This project tickles my soul.  I love combining my love for travel and painting stuff! Using a stamp to add travel decor is the perfect DIY project.  Changing the knobs on a dresser can also provide a fresh look too.   Check out our PINTEREST board where we love to collect travel decor inspiration for […]

How to use an AUGER to dig fence posts (Save Time & Sanity)

how to use an auger to dig fence posts

How to use an AUGER to dig fence posts Hey, this is Sandy. This is Andy. And today we’re going to talk about how to use an auger to dig your fence hole posts. One man, one man. One man auger- there you go. We provide budget-friendly home improvement advice where we help you to […]

How to Build a Rectangular Fire Pit

rectangular fire pit

Rectangular Fire Pit Design Ideas Hey, I’m Sandy and I’m Andy and today we are going to be talking to you about how to build a rectangular fire pit.  For the best budget friendly home improvement advice where you can save more so that you can do more- Subscribe below and let’s get started today. […]