Kitchen Backsplash Gallery|Find Your Happy Place

kitchen backsplash gallery Suggestions to help you find your happy place! This is Sandy with and I want to know which kitchen backsplash gallery is going to get you to your happy place. I’ve renovated numerous properties and have helped other people with their budget-friendly home improvements and let me tell you I’ve learned […]

Butcher Block Countertops that rock!

Butcher block countertops are stunning and extremely affordable.  When I started this series, I sent out a survey to my readers and friends and only a few have butcher block countertops.  It is my opinion, butcher block and concrete countertops are great options for DIY projects if you are looking to save some money and […]

A fresh look at Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops have been around forever and are still a great option for any DIY kitchen renovation. Before you roll your eyes because you want something more high end, hear me out.  Additionally, laminate has come a long way in design options and color choices while keeping the cost affordable. By the way, I am […]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Do you find it impossible to find the perfect gift for Father’s Day? Go buy some Tools! And for this Father’s Day, I will let you buy tools that aren’t PINK! My dad always wanted tools.  I would laugh because I never knew which ones he actually wanted so we would go shopping together. Dad […]

How to stencil a monogram

A friend asked how I monogrammed different projects so I thought it would be worth showing this simple how-to article to help her and anyone else interested in using a stencil to monogram.  Here is a 5 step tutorial to help create a monogram stencil on a canvas, pillow, wood furniture. #1- Select your Paint for […]

Bridal Shower Tea Party in a Quaint Barn

A very special bride asked me to coordinate her bridal shower this summer.  I’ve been planning tea parties both big and small for over 20 years.  This bridal shower tea party was certainly the most unique one I had planned but the challenges that had to be overcome made the final presentation even more rewarding. […]