Make Stunning Stamped Handmade Coasters for the Home

DIY handmade stamped tiles

Homemade Coasters as Holiday Gifts Stamped handmade coasters are the perfect gift for the holiday. You can customize many features of this gift. Color Saying Size Font Stamp Picture Initials Theme Pictures Furthermore, you can do this DIY project for many people yet not break the bank. You can buy a variety of tile sizes […]

How to install Kitchen Drawer Pulls with the Kreg Jig

How to install kitchen drawer pulls with a Kreg Jig

Our tutorial provides (8) Steps that will help you with this project. Gather Your Tools Measure Where you Want the Drawer Pulls to be on your cabinet. Mark the cross hairs to make sure you like the spacing. Adjust the Kreg Tool to your depth dimensions. Adjust the holes to match your drawer pulls.  Take […]


How to spray paint metal

How to spray paint metal to save time and money Our tutorial on how to spray paint metal is designed to save you time & money or both.  If you are are looking for a beginner DIY project, then watch this video.  It will give you helpful hints on how to spray paint metal chairs, […]

How to use an AUGER to dig fence posts (Save Time & Sanity)

how to use an auger to dig fence posts

How to use an AUGER to dig fence posts Hey, this is Sandy. This is Andy. And today we’re going to talk about how to use an auger to dig your fence hole posts. One man, one man. One man auger- there you go. We provide budget-friendly home improvement advice where we help you to […]

Easy To Install Backsplash Ideas

Our 4 suggestions will help you get started on your budget-friendly home improvement Suggestion #1- High-Gloss Paint You can customize the color to match your kitchen. Paint is relatively inexpensive. Remember, to save money you could buy a quart depending on the area you are painting to install your backsplash. You can use a stencil […]

DIY backyard fence

A DIY backyard fence takes time (and a good deal of patience if doing the project with a perfectionist) but it is well worth the payoff! Typically, I wouldn’t sign up for a massive project like this but it had to be done. I had dubbed the backyard VOasis (the V stands for our last […]

How to update your house number

Want to know how to update your house number?  We have enjoyed experimenting with this as each season changes. You can update your house number for each season. Many of you have responded to the previous posts in this series, so thank you for your thoughts.  If you are new to, I have given ideas of […]

A painted piano showstopper

  Does Your Piano Need a Makeover? A piano makeover is perfect for any suffering piano.   Transform  your room with a fresh coat of paint on your piano.   I wanted a piano showstopper.  What I had was a “suffering piano.” It is a phrase from the movie “Shine” about David Helfgott which is one of […]

Canvas Art – Tips to buying and selecting your style

What is your favorite style of canvas art? While I was searching for a piece of canvas art to pull my office room decor together, I found this beauty at Home Goods. I could not resist it.  It has tons of colors, there are water fountains, people on bikes, and lots of cute little cafes. For crying out […]

How to repurpose furniture using nailhead trim

How to reupholster a chair using nailhead trim

Repurpose your furniture using nailhead trim in 8 easy steps. Just as a note a warning: This was not a beginner project to repurpose this piece of furniture.  If you are just starting out doing DIY projects and if you try this one first, it may be your last.  🙁 That is unless you love a […]

Removable Stripe Wallpaper

Using Removable Stripe Wallpaper is simple to use and improves your home decor instantly. The room was an eyesore.   Without any paint or wallpaper on the wall, it was plain and uninteresting. The walls were uneven.  The shape was odd.  It was a main room in the house and I didn’t know what to do […]