Inexpensive & Customized Kitchen Backsplash

Inexpensive and Customized Kitchen Backsplash (It’s True- You CAN Have It All)  Want high-end glam without the price tag? This video will give you an inexpensive and easy solution to customize your kitchen backsplash. Simple modern backsplash ideas can update your home instantly. If you’ve been looking at DIY backsplash ideas, then this budget makeover […]

How to Measure for your Backsplash

Do you need a quick reminder of how to measure for your kitchen backsplash? By the end of this video, you’ll have a quick tutorial on how to measure for your kitchen backsplash so that you can go out and get your materials. I’ve renovated numerous properties and I’ve helped other homeowners with their budget-friendly […]

How to install an inexpensive Backsplash

Do you need easy instructions to install a backsplash? We’ve got your back.  If you want to know how to install a backsplash in your kitchen but without a big price tag, then keep reading. This project took us a few days to gather the material, lay out the design, glue it to the wall, […]