(Part One) How to do a Budget-Friendly Kitchen Renovation (BEFORE & AFTER)

how to do a budget-friendly kitchen renovation

Kitchen Renovation Before & After A kitchen renovation before and after picture will get me every time.  I love to pour over pictures and see what other talent and creative people did to make their kitchens look amazing.   It has come to my attention that there are so many aspects to a kitchen renovation that […]

3 Tips for Designing Your Kitchen Countertop Seating Area

countertop seating area

Your countertop seating area can be the main hub of your kitchen.  Before you start your kitchen renovation, consider these 3 tips as you design your space to match your home’s needs. Tip #1 – Overhang on both sides vs. one side We built an overhang to one side of our countertops to preserve space […]

Butcher Block Countertops that rock!

Butcher block countertops are stunning and extremely affordable.  When I started this series, I sent out a survey to my readers and friends and only a few have butcher block countertops.  It is my opinion, butcher block and concrete countertops are great options for DIY projects if you are looking to save some money and […]

A fresh look at Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops have been around forever and are still a great option for any DIY kitchen renovation. Before you roll your eyes because you want something more high end, hear me out.  Additionally, laminate has come a long way in design options and color choices while keeping the cost affordable. By the way, I am […]

Quartz Countertops Comparison Guide

quartz countertops

Quartz Countertops Anyone? So, We kick off this series talking about quartz countertops.  I am completely over the moon about the next few weeks.  Why?  Because several of my friends opened their homes to allow me to video us chatting about why they love their countertops. I asked them the top questions people want answers […]