How to Choose Different Types of Paint for an Easy Furniture Makeover

different types of paint

Different Types of Paint There are several different types of paint that are perfect for a furniture makeover.  In our video, we detail which paints we have used on different types of furniture.  We give 5 tips that will help you paint your furniture with ease as well.  We also give best practices that will […]

How to Upcycle a Dresser with Travel Decor

how to upcycle a dresser with travel decor This project tickles my soul.  I love combining my love for travel and painting stuff! Using a stamp to add travel decor is the perfect DIY project.  Changing the knobs on a dresser can also provide a fresh look too.   Check out our PINTEREST board where we love to collect travel decor inspiration for […]

7 Types of Paint (and where to use them)

Paint: so many choices but what types of paint can I use on what types of surfaces? Keep reading because I am going to break it down into a few simple lists today.  If you want more details about paint options, types, and techniques, then sign up below for our weekly email.  This series on paint […]

4th of July DIY projects

Do you need easy 4th of July DIY projects that can be done in a day?  I do! I love 4th of July DIY Projects and throwing a great party.  Combining a party while serving items from a 4th of July handmade DIY project just makes me happy.  I love to share what I’m doing. Anyone with me? […]

Distressing Furniture with Junk Monkey Paint

Junk Monkey Paint:  DIY Chalk Paint A friend of mine repeatedly encouraged me to go visit a local shop, Sonia’s Shabby Chic, in our town.   A new brand of paint with a fun name -Junk Monkey-, was waiting for me to try.  I love to transform a piece of furniture by distressing it with […]

Homemade Chalk Paint- Fabulous or Fiction

Homemade Chalk Paint I was curious to see if I could make my own homemade chalk paint! How about you? Have you seen all the recipes proclaiming they have the best homemade chalk paint? Since I have been blogging, I have painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Milk Paint, and paint from Home Depot and […]

Reviving a Dining Room Hutch

Do you ever wish you could have a wedding shower for each decade of marriage?  You know, register for things you actually will use, splurge on items that you would add to your home decor, and update items you got on your first registry.  I think we should start a trend.  But seriously, where do […]

Falling Leaves and clay pot silverware holders

Outdoor entertaining in the fall can have its little quirks.  For me, the cooler weather can make it more difficult to ask guests to enjoy a meal outside if you don’t have the right tools.  Silverware holders were the subject of my creativity on this beautiful sunny day. I’ve come up with three things that […]

Office Space Upgrade

Getting my niece ready for college inspired me to give my office space a makeover.  Since we have been busy demolishing half of our house, we put several spaces where we are living on hold until we decided what we want to do with them once the renovation is complete.  My office space was one […]