Pros & Cons to a DIY Fire Pit

Fire Pit DIY- Are you ready to buy or Build? Are you torn between buying or building a fire pit? Today we’re going to discuss those pros and cons and by the end of this video, I hope you’ll have a decision.  If you aren’t ready for a fire pit but you have other DIY […]

How to flatten my yard – hire a landscaper

Is your lawn full of weeds, lumpy and on a slope?  Mine was and I needed to flatten my yard and add proper drainage so that when it rained outside, the water wouldn’t also end up in our basement (yuck). I have a friend who is known for saying “How hard can it be?”   His sweet […]

Water Fountain Makeover

Can you appreciate a beautiful water fountain?   Well, I can.  Man made or God made, I love water features.  I love listening to it, gazing at it, and swimming in it.   It is my happy place. My backyard has been an oasis for me each summer. Living in the north, I wait in anticipation for […]