DIY Projects for Beginners

Do you need some ideas for DIY Projects for Beginners? There is a specific group that wants DIY Projects for beginners to help get started.  I hear you! You either want to do a DIY project or you run as fast away from those who do.  Seriously, it’s like SUSHI. You either love it or […]

Galley Kitchen Renovation

A galley kitchen renovation was top priority for me before we moved into our house. Our old house sold in 10 days so we had to work fast so that we could move in before our closing date.  This galley kitchen was not sufficient for a family of four.  This project was started and finished in […]

Reviving a Dining Room Hutch

Do you ever wish you could have a wedding shower for each decade of marriage?  You know, register for things you actually will use, splurge on items that you would add to your home decor, and update items you got on your first registry.  I think we should start a trend.  But seriously, where do […]