Removable Stripe Wallpaper

Using Removable Stripe Wallpaper is simple to use and improves your home decor instantly.

The room was an eyesore.   Without any paint or wallpaper on the wall, it was plain and uninteresting.

The walls were uneven.  The shape was odd.  It was a main room in the house and I didn’t know what to do with it.  When in doubt, make a list (at least that is what I do).

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I live in a house full of boys.  My younger men, who are three and six, love all of mommy’s designs and add their own thoughts about the projects that concern them.  You can read about my older sons desk that he completely acted as the role of foremen in Secrets to Inspire Your Student to Study.

wallpaper stripe wall closeup

My husband, much wiser and knowing that his own sweat will be expected, pauses before agreeing to one of my ideas where I say, “I need your thoughts.”  This really does translate to “I need your help” many times.

That blank wall was driving me crazy.  It needed something and I had decided to take action.

before the stripe wallpaper

I had extra removable wallpaper from Target that sticks but also can be repositioned.  It was gorgeous and I had used it to cover the shelves of a hutch and I didn’t want to leave the extra material in the craft room never to be used again.

Tip #1

For best results, use removable wallpaper on a non-textured surface.  Drywall is ideal.  It sticks great to paint.  Removable wallpaper tends to peel off of walls with any amount of texture.

There are endless pictures of walls that use stripes to add focus in all of the magazines.  As mentioned in other posts, I am obsessed with HGTV Magazine and I longed to try my own hand at applying wallpaper stripes to a wall.

Tip #2

Straight lines are tough, especially in an old crooked house.  Download our Free checklist to make sure that you have the right tools before you begin.

However, my common sense would kick in with the thoughts in my head screaming… they had a professional who did that and they are straight.  End of story, run to the next idea.  Straight lines are not your thing.  Straight anything is not my forte.

I’m a professional theater girl and my mantra was, “make it look great from 20 feet away?” and hide the other stuff behind the curtain for that scene.

You can’t think this way when designing things for your home.  Trust me, I’ve come a long way and marrying a left brain has helped me have things last longer than a weekend run of a show.

I felt my time had come.  My ship had come in.  My star was about to shine.  I was ready to tackle: the stripe wall.

stripe wall closeup

Don’t be afraid of perfect lines.

Perfect lines on a very prominent wall…there was no room for theater girl “close enough” thoughts.  I consulted the engineer once again for my project.  Thankfully he was building trust because even he laughed at the idea of me hanging these perfectly on the wall.  He said that he would help with the removable wallpaper.

I explained that not only did we need to hang them straight but we also had to cut the wallpaper prior to hanging it in half…perfectly.

Using the newly painted Parisian Dining Room Table as our surface we set out on our task.

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stripes processStep 1

Mark the wall with tape where the line starts.  I like to visually see the spacing to make sure that I liked my design.

Step 2

Measure the wall vertically to double check exact spacing before pulling out the chalk line.

Step 3

For $30, purchase a new package of Devine Color Suit and Tile Wallpaper.  Cut it in half using a chalk line and scissors after measuring and marking it across the full length.

(I cut it in half because I thought 20-inch high stripes were too big for the height and length of my wall.)  You can shop a variety of removable wallpaper by clicking HERE.

Step 4

Apply a chalk line on the wall to guarantee a horizontal straight line across the length of the wall.  I also measure vertically again to make sure that the lines are even.  My husband gave his approval for each step!

Step 5

In my pink toolbox, I have a 12-inch level that I can use which allows me to make the marks I need without the bulk of a larger level.  If you are going to be doing additional DIY projects, I suggest you have both levels but a small level will do for this project.

For access to our FREE Videos and Checklists that detail what type of tools to have in your toolbox, CLICK HERE!

removable wallpaper stripes before and after

Tip #3

Using repositioning wallpaper is key.  If we only had one chance to hang it perfectly, I probably wouldn’t be showing you the pictures.  We had to pick it up several times to straighten the line but in the end, it looks great.

Also, using reusable wallpaper in a room that doesn’t vary in temperature is key.  We used in our attic and have had some issues.  You can read about them here.

Extra hands are nice for this project!

When covering a long span of the wall, having extra hands helps.  My six-year-old was very useful as a helper in the middle if needed

Keep the three-year-old away from this project!

Each designer has a signature style.  Some like simplicity and others like to add on the layers and colors.  Frankly, I go back and forth between the two ideas.  Adding personal touches that reflect the mood or personality of the room is nice but rotating pieces can also work.

vintage custom table

Adding a large ornate clock made the stripes more defined.  I am in the process of adding additional pieces of Jack Vettriano Art that are also hanging on the opposite wall.  I love his artwork and am searching for the perfect theme and color scheme for this room.

Final thoughts:

Stripes made the difference compared to the blank wall.  These are the words of the left brain.  When people come into the room who were there before the improvement, they are amazed that such a simple addition added such beauty.

Don’t be afraid to try stripes…or go marry an engineer, whichever is easiest for you.

Here’s to having the right tool for the job,



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