Paint Picks! So many choices!

We bought unfinished oak cabinets for a temporary kitchen that will eventually serve as a mud room or laundry room.  This has been a huge project because we will be using it as our main kitchen for the next few months until our “official” kitchen is renovated.  Picking between paint and stains has been my debate. Balancing budget yet striving for beauty is always a challenge.

finished oak cabinents with Anne Sloan Paint

I love selecting paint because of the wonderful colors that are available but I need to remind myself that the color I select has to match everything. The likelihood of me changing the color anytime soon is very small.  Here are a few things to consider when coordination colors:

  1. Counter top
  2. Floor
  3. Wall
  4. Back splash
  5. Lighting

top oak cabinents with Anne Sloan Paint

After 3 trips to the store, I finally decided on Anne Sloane Chalk Paint over stain for the cabinets.  I will be providing a video for all of you who may want to use these paints.  They are amazing and I am glad that I discovered them.  I have used Anne Sloane paints for other projects and I love the versatility.   There are some pros and cons to my final selection.

backsplash with oak cabinents and Anne Sloane Paint

Pros:  The effect looks like glaze. (gorgeous)  The paint dries incredibly quick.  I can add dark wax to get a shading in areas.  There is very minimal odor with Anne Sloane Paints.

Cons:  Anne Sloane paint does cost more.  There is an additional step when painting unfinished oak.  You have to put a coat of shellac on the unfinished oak before painting.  The boutique where I can buy the paint is about an hour away.

I hope that you enjoy our journey as we continue to tackle the many tasks of renovating a house.

Here’s to finding the right tools for the job,


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