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milk paint headboard

Tools Needed: Two shades of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, paint brushes, water, drop cloth, sense of humor for mixing milk paint for the first time

WARNING – SILLINESS AHEAD:  I had a music video running through my mind while writing this post.  I’ve got to warn you that it was more like a Weird Al spoof then a serious video about the lyrics because I was painting with a new product which is quite unique (I hadn’t used this type of paint before).  I promise, paint fumes had nothing to do with the silliness ahead!  Actually that’s one of the best parts about milk paint…virtually no fumes.

The song, “Feels Like the First Time” by Foreigner ran through my head but not for the reasons that you may be thinking.   If I could completely take the song out of context (which I am about to do) this is how the video would play in my head.

Let me explain or sing along with me…..

verse one lyricsmilk paint headboard

(Camera is on a lady in a minivan.  She is lost.)

I’m driving an hour from home, in the rain, radio on with Foreigner singing Feels like the first time, with two young kids in the car asking “Are we there yet?”  I try to listen to the GPS since I’ve made two wrong turns before finally pulling into a small boutique that sells the milk paint that I have been dying to try on a new piece of furniture.  Milk paint better be pretty awesome after this journey.

verse two lyricsheadboard 2

(Camera is on lady in her workshop.  She is bewildered)

I’m standing over several projects that I have painted in the past.  I wanted them to look flaky, scratched, weathered, antique, as if I stepped right out of a french B&B in the country but sadly I had foolishly wasted my time using “other” paint, not the good stuff: Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint.

(Pan to lady ready to paint a piece of furniture.  She is excited.)

But now, I’m happily holding my newly mixed milk paint container.  I have followed all the directions that the nice, sweet, salesperson, said to do and I’m ready to paint that old ugly headboard and finally transform it into the beautiful headboard that looks like the one I remember resting my head on while in France several years ago.

bridgemilk paint headboard

Humor me.  I am stretching this last part to bring this story and music video to a conclusion.

(Camera Angle on Lady looking at freshly painted headboard.  She is admiring the newly finished paint.)

I stand gazing at the freshly painted headboard and smile with delight.  The gorgeous colors that the Miss Mustard Seed line provides captured the look that I wanted magnificently.  As usual, I call upon the muscular strength of my husband to help me move the furniture into place.

(Camera pans on a strong and gorgeous man.)

He carries the headboard and matching footboard to the master bedroom where we put it together and happily place the quilt and pillows on the bed perfectly, like a hotel.

milk paint foot board

We stand back and look at each other as we hold hands and shake our heads that this time, the project turned out perfectly.  Milk paint was the perfect product.  It made the headboard appear aged, flaky, scratched, weathered, antique , and french country inspired.  It was exactly like the headboard we had while in France.  Mission accomplished.  We have fallen in love again with our new piece of furniture.  It is all my eyes can see.

(Husband looks at the slight color variation on the footboard and looks at her with as if to say “why are the headboard and footboard different colors?”)

headboard 3


The song lyrics are done at this point.  The video is over but he asked so.. here is my third verse response.

Something to the tune of:

Mix enough milk paint to do the entire project because if you don’t you may get a ever so slight color variation which isn’t always ideal and your husband who has a perfectionist eye will see the difference and did ask which is when I grin and reply,

It was my first time.  Practice makes perfect!






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  1. Music is always in your heart and probably almost as often on your…my guess is you are always singing while you do your beautiful projects…just so glad you’ve shared it with us!!!

    1. Guilty, music is either playing from the speakers or I’m singing my own tune! I’m glad that you liked the project and I hope this brought back special memories of your own time in France!

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