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Meet the Girl

I always go to the about page of any website because I want to see who I’m getting my information from and to learn more about them. So thank you for stopping by! Here’s the rundown.

About Sandy

I’m a former public school music and theater teacher. I have a BME in Music Education and a MA in Directing. I often joke that I have a degree in telling people what to do!!! I love teaching and seeing the light bulb come on after explaining a creative concept.

Why I started Pink Tool Girl

Watching a project come together with a tip or just a little tweak was half of the motivation of why I started doing this blog. The other reason was to document for friends and family the renovation of our duplex into a single family home.

Why DIY Projects?

I became a DIY junkie because I have really classy and elegant ideas and tastes that sometimes I can not afford. There is also the tiny problem of having an idea in my head but I can’t find it in a store so I have to make it myself. Either way, I love DIY projects for their affordability and for the customization.

How Can We Serve You?

Pink Tool has turned into a passion to help other busy people like myself. We feel that our videos, checklists, downloadable shopping lists, tips and tutorials, and our courses help you find what you need at one stop.

Our Mission

We want to encourage you to have the confidence to tackle the DIY projects in your home.  We want you to make educated decisions based on the projects that you are going to do.  We also want to entertain you with the funny things that can happen when you embark on any DIY project.   Learning to laugh at your mistakes or how someone else approaches a project is half the fun.  Telling how you survived the project as others visit your house to see your handy work is icing on the cake.


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