Make Stunning Stamped Handmade Coasters for the Home

Homemade Coasters as Holiday Gifts

Stamped handmade coasters are the perfect gift for the holiday. You can customize many features of this gift.

  • Color
  • Saying
  • Size
  • Font
  • Stamp
  • Picture
  • Initials
  • Theme
  • Pictures

Furthermore, you can do this DIY project for many people yet not break the bank. You can buy a variety of tile sizes and create a design that is unique for each person on your holiday list. For additional DIY project ideas, CLICK HERE

Purchasing a stamping kit is a great way to get started with this easy and simple stamped homemade coasters project. You can also use metallic paint to cover the tile but you will want to do a test piece to make sure the paint sticks to the tile.

Now, if you find you love painting, check out how we use paint to upcycle items in your home.

handmade coaster tutorial

Stamped Backsplash

Because the project turned out so amazing, I am considering doing this as a backsplash. I have not tested this next project idea. However, I will when I get the opportunity. We love how our stamped homemade coasters using tiles turned out that it inspired me to think of additional ways to use them in other areas of the home.

Additionally, if you have a backsplash area that needs some flair, this is the perfect addition. You can use a stamping kit to help create the perfect customized tile.

Meanwhile, there are several finishing materials that would protect your tile from wear and water. This project has ModPodge on the surface to protect the ink from smudging and smearing the stamp. In either case, I don’t see why there would be any difference if used as a backsplash.

handmade coaster with stamp

How to Create Stamped Handmade Coasters

Step 1

Clean the tile with rubbing alcohol. As soon as they are dry, you can start the next step.

Step 2

Then, if using a kit, drop a color of dye on the tile.

handmade design for tile

Step 3

Then, mix colors to create your customized color. Be sure to remember how many drops you use to stay consistent.

Step 4

While the dye is wet, use the clothe to rub dye over tile to spread the dye evenly. If you wait too long, the dy will dry and clump on the tile.

Step 5

Also, this is the part that you can get creative with the direction and pattern of the dye. Experiment to see which way you prefer the pattern to go.

using rubbing alcohol to clean tile

(Remember: If you mess up or don’t like the color, erase with rubbing alcohol and start again once it is dry.)

Step 6

Once the base color is on the tile, select your stamp and use an ink pad to apply color directly onto the stamp

customize tile for backsplash

Step 7

Then, carefully line up the stamp on the tile and gently press the stamp down. Be sure not to rock it to prevent smudging.

tile for backsplash

Step 8

As shown above, you can repeat this process for a set of coasters

Step 9

Meanwhile, once the dye and ink are dry, select the correct ModPodge (there are several different choices) to seal the tile.

Step 10

Whenever you finish the last step, let them dry (check container for recommended drying time)

handmade coaster customized

Step 11

Last, after each stamped homemade coaster is completely dry (trust me you want to wait or they will stick to each other) wrap up 2 or 4 coasters and tie them with a lovely ribbon or twine.

Hope you enjoy this project as much as we did!

Have an awesome day creating!



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