Kitchen Hardware….Buy New or Recycle

drawer pulls kitchen hardware

Pass on a good sale?  No way!  How about you?  I like no make that love to shop.  I realize that you either love to shop or you hate to shop.   I always have loved the art of shopping but for me, I love the hunt for a good deal.  I celebrate a savings or a rare find.  I love to sip some tea and giggle with friends while listening about their latest shopping spree and what treasures they discovered and the bounty that they saved.  I even get excited for the hosts on HGTV over a rare find at a thrift store or an unbelievable sale.   Right about now you are either completely nodding your head in agreement with me because you are a kindred shopper or you have completely tuned me out. Either way, please read on because this next find in kitchen hardware is really exciting to share.

I almost never pay full price for anything.  It seems that there are some places that don’t have regular “sales” and the hardware store is one of them.  Yes, on occasion, you may find that a specific product is on sale or you may score a 10% off coupon.  I did get 10% off the unfinished oak cabinets.  Sherwin Williams did offer 30% off paint selections on specific dates.  Now that I think about it, I have had some discounted items but it seems different for some reason.

I have never had to shop for kitchen hardware.   I was surprised how quickly it can add up.  Apparently my expensive taste flows over to my choice in hardware as well.  Since I was buying 30 pieces of hardware…… the final tally and my husbands response prompted me to find an alternative.  Like I stated earlier, I am all about a sale to save money and on this renovation I have to spread the wealth over many, many projects.  Hardware for a kitchen that will eventually be a laundry room was not a splurge area in my mind.

Recycle?  You bet.  We set our budget and I am determined not to go over it so we have made certain choices in furniture pieces.  A friend was getting rid of a bedroom set and offered it to us for “free” if we could come and get it.  We were certain that we had a Saturday free to go get the suffering furniture that had good bones but was in need of a facelift.  Yes, another DIY refinishing project.  What I didn’t expect was the recycle bonus of the gift.

The dresser drawers were missing knobs.  I first thought, “oh no, more knobs and I now know it can get expensive for that many drawers and I really like sparkle which costs more.”  Then it hit me, I think that the drawer pulls from the dresser could go on the cabinets in the kitchen.  After I counted and realized I still would need 10 more, I did a quick amazon search and found a set that was almost exact.  I also found enough hardware pieces to replace the dresser drawers and the total bill came to 1/3 of what I was going to spend on the original kitchen hardware only.  Recycling the dresser knobs saved me time, money, and I didn’t have to waste perfectly good knobs.  It also adds another story finding a great deal… just can’t beat free.


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