How to stencil a monogram

A friend asked how I monogrammed different projects so I thought it would be worth showing this simple how-to article to help her and anyone else interested in using a stencil to monogram.  Here is a 5 step tutorial to help create a monogram stencil on a canvas, pillow, wood furniture.

stencil examples 2

#1- Select your Paint for your project

I like to use the small containers of paint that you can find at Walmart, Joann, Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.  There are usually great assortments of colors that are perfect for small projects.  Before you head to the paint store, determine what look you want and take a small swatch of material or a matching area to help you select what type of finish you will purchase.  There are so many colors to choose from that you will need a small sample to make sure that your color works with the rest of your project.

The surface you are painting will determine whether you need to purchase glossy, matte, or glitter finish.

paint for monograms

#2- Select what type of paint brush you will use

There are several different types of brushes that you can use depending on what surface you will stencil.  I like to purchase the variety pack which has a selection of different bristle lengths and widths.  This way I can experiment by trial and error to determine which brush will work on each project.

stencil brushes

#3- Select what size and style stencil you need

There are many varieties of block and cursive letter stencils available and there is almost any size imaginable.  I have several different sizes and styles because I like to have some choices depending on the project and motif I am going for.

stencil sizes

#4- Select your pillow or canvas that you are going to stencil

I lay out my pattern or name on the surface that I’m going to stencil.  Layout all the letters to determine if you are going to have enough room for the stencil size that you selected.  Determine where center is on your surface and work out from there.  I’ve found that this works better to make sure that you space the letters correctly if using more than one letter like on our swing pillow.

On a canvas that has already been painted, make sure that you use a paint color and brush size that will allow your letter to pop rather than blend into the background.  Why do the stencil work if you can’t see it?  It is also easy to find new blank canvases at craft stores.

canvas for stencils

#5- Select a marker to outline the letter after you stencil

I like to use a contrasting color on a monogram stencil to make the letter stand out.  I only do this process on monograms or words.  I don’t do this step for pattern stencils like I used on my dining room table.

There are a few markers that I suggest.  Fabric markers are great on pillows or fabric pieces.  EK Tools makes a nice marker that is great for wood surfaces like the desk I did for my son or on the wreath that was made of canvas.  Conversely, a Sharpie is great for surfaces like pumpkins and other surfaces that are going to be exposed to rain or snow.

markers for stencils

Everyone loves personalized goods especially if it has a monogram with their name.  This can be displayed in their home and t can also be a great gift idea.  In projects around our house, we have personalized the interior and exterior using a variety of stencils on different surfaces.  Click on our link below to get inspiration or follow our monogram board on Pinterest.

I would love to hear what you were able to stencil with your monogram.  Please comment below and let me know how your project turned out.  If you would like to be notified of future Pink Tool Girl projects, sign up for our free subscription below.








As promised, here are some of the stencils that we have produced (click on each to see the articles behind these pieces):


wreath full viewmonogram pillow


dining room table stencil with chair

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