How To Paint Chair Fabric

Paint Chair Fabric for Fresh Look

How to paint chair fabric is the perfect way to revive a chair.  You can experiment with different fabrics to see what works best.  For today’s project,  how to paint chair fabric, we will focus on canvas material.

There are several types of fabric that you could try:

  1. cotton
  2. denim
  3. silk

Our main object is trying to restore a chair in your home using paint instead of reupholstering the piece of furniture.

Test the Paint on the fabric

First, there are a few tips that you will want to follow before you paint chair fabric.

  • Test the paint on your fabric
  • Purchase paint that is made for fabric
  • Experiment before you do a huge project
  • Make sure you like how the paint dries on the fabric.
  • Try using water with the paint in order to soften the surface before you begin 

Second, we would always recommend that you test your paint on the fabric in a small section before you commit to a project. 

Third, if you aren’t sure you want to commit to a large project, you could purchase a smaller fabric surface to experiment on before painting a larger piece of upholstery.


Painted Furniture Inspiration

If you are looking for inspiration, CLICK HERE to see what others have creatively changed the look of the furniture piece.

This was our first attempt at painting canvas furniture and it was a very simple project.  You will need some basic tools to complete the project.

  • fabric paint
  • paint brushes
  • stencil

The stencil is optional but for this project it added a nice finishing touch.

paint chair fabric

Paint as a Fixer-upper

I believe that paint can fix a multitude of our home improvement woes.  Undoubtedly, paint, in all of its shades, can help most surfaces. When you are in need of a remodel, try paint.  You can explore the different PAINT PROJECTS that we have done here to get inspiration or tips on how to complete your projects.

Without a doubt, I am a fan of using paint when trying to stick to a budget.  It is an inexpensive solution that can save you money and time.


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