How to Paint a Frame

This tutorial on how to paint a frame is a quick video to compare using spray paint or brush on paint.

We compare the pros and cons to using either paint method. This video takes a picture frame and uses paint to upcycle the photo frame.  Our budget-friendly DIY project helps you decide if painting a frame with a brush or spray painting a frame is better for your home decor. 

Let PinkToolGirl help you decide if using a brush or spray painting is better for you and the continuity of your home decor.

paint a frame

Five Areas WE compared

We did a side by side test to decide what method is best to paint a frame. The main areas that we focus on are:

  1. Paint Time
  2. Dry Time
  3. Clean Up
  4. Finish
  5. Cost

If you are planning on using spray paint or paint with a brush to paint a frame, you will want to watch our video.  We compare the results of painting identical frames with two types of painting styles.

When you want to add to a frame collage but you don’t have the same frames, using paint is a great solution.

You can get great ideas for painting frames by clicking HERE.

Paint a frame to get the same look

paint a frame

There are several painting techniques to paint a frame.  In my opinion, there is not one right answer.  It depends on your preference, home decor, and style.

Some people prefer a finish that is consistent. Others prefer a choppy or chippy finish.  

Painting with a brush will not be as consistent as painting with spray paint.  Decide what you want the end result to be then pick the method that works for you.

We love using paint to upgrade furniture pieces.  We did use spray paint to makeover an Office Chair.  Click HERE for details.  We have also used spray paint on outdoor chandeliers. continues to use paint to improve any number of items such as:

  • frames
  • furniture
  • canvas
  • walls
  • concrete blocks

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paint a frame

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