How to Measure for your Backsplash

Do you need a quick reminder of how to measure for your kitchen backsplash?

By the end of this video, you’ll have a quick tutorial on how to measure for your kitchen backsplash so that you can go out and get your materials. I’ve renovated numerous properties and I’ve helped other homeowners with their budget-friendly renovations and let me tell you, I’ve learned how to stretch a dollar as far as you can stretch one and now it’s my turn to share that secret with you. For the best advice for budget-friendly home improvements, join us each week as we release a new video. Make sure you subscribe below because you don’t want to miss out on our videos. If you need some inspiration for backsplash ideas, CLICK HERE

STEP #1- Grab a Tape Measure

You want a pen or a pencil and you will want a piece of paper to write that information down.

However, if you’re going high tech on us, you can also use the notes on your iPhone or Android device and just make sure that first you take a picture of your before project. Everybody likes bragging rights so take a before and after picture once you’re done Post these on Pinterest or Instagram or wherever you’re going to put it but let us know!

Step #2- Measure the height of the Area

You can use that picture on your your phone for the next part. There is an edit portion and you could put your dimensions on there which could help you have all of your information all in one area.

Now that you have your tape measure, go ahead and do the height. Take as far up from the countertop as what you’re going to use to the cabinets.

If you’re going to do a little portion, that’s fine, but if you’re going to do the whole way, whatever it is, take the full measurement.  If you are near the edge of a number, make sure that you round up. That’s going to help you in the long run.

step #3- Measure the length of your area

Now that you’ve got your height, go ahead and switch the tape measure over and get the length that you’re going to need. Remember we’re only showing you one area, but make sure that you take the total height and the total length of the entire part of the wall that you’re going to do because that’s going to help you out with this equation in just a second.

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Do you remember the formula for finding the square area?

how to measure for your backsplash

step #4- do the Math

Now that you have measured your height and your length, you’re going to take those two numbers and you’re going to multiply them. This is the best way to figure out how to measure for your kitchen backsplash.

After you have that number, you’re gonna divide it by 144. That amount is going to be your square footage.

Now here’s what I would do. Whatever your number is, I would round it up to the next whole number and that is going to be your final square footage of what you’re going to need to buy for your kitchen backsplash.  We have a few videos that can help you with inexpensive diy backsplash ideas.  CLICK HERE for more information to help you now that you know how to measure for your kitchen backsplash.

Step #5- Linear Feet

I want to make sure that you don’t forget this part. If you are doing tile that needs channels, like a bigger metal pieces that runs along the side or on the bottom, you want to make sure that you measured that separately.

It’s not by square footage, it’s by linear foot. All you’re going to do is take the height and the length of what you need and you’re going to add it together and that’ll give you your linear feet.


This last one is a tip from me to you as a total gift because I have done it and I do not want you to do it.

When you have your square footage and you are looking at the tile at the store, sometimes it’ll be per piece and sometimes it’ll be per box and then it’ll tell you how much square footage is in that box.

Don’t get all excited if you’re like $10. 95 and it meant per piece because then in the box if there are 10 or 12 or however many and you have to times that times the pieces that are in there. I’m just saying, this is really good to know your square footage and then really pay close attention to how they have it marked because I like you so much. For additional backsplash options: CLICK HERE


I’m going to give you a second tip. If you are having somebody do this project for you, like a contractor or somebody you know loves you very much and is going to come and do it and they’ve done projects like this before, Then the overage that you want to buy is about 10% that’s the average.

However, if you’re gonna do this as a DIY project, I’m just going to say up that number of 20% you can always either check the store policy and see if you can return extra pieces.  If not, you can always repurpose used pieces.

Now that you’ve had a little bit of a review on how to find the square footage and the linear feet for your kitchen backsplash, would you make sure that you like this video if you got some value out of it?

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