(Part Two)How to do a Budget-Friendly Kitchen Renovation

Budget-friendly kitchen renovation ideas

As we discussed in Part One- A kitchen renovation before and after picture will get me every time.  There are so many ideas and elements that can be added to update your kitchen.  It is hard to decide how to stretch your budget to include all the bells and whistles that make a kitchen rock!

I had to break down the kitchen renovation process into 3 Main sections. Today, we are going to continue with Nice to Have Items and Bells & Whistles.  

Don’t go any further in your renovation process until you download our checklist ULTIMATE HOME IMPROVEMENT GUIDE

After you download the guide, use it to help you keep tract of what decisions you need to make when you go to the store or ordering online.  There are so many decisions to make regarding price and features so let our GUIDE help track your budget items and preferences.

Nice to have Kitchen Remodel Items

After you get the ESSENTIALS  for any Kitchen Renovation out of the way, it’s fun to add some Nice to Have items.  

We collect ideas of Nice to have items on our  PINTEREST BOARD .  It is the perfect place to start gathering your ideas and tracking what you like so that you can include it in your kitchen renovation.    

I like to create boards for each area of the kitchen that I am renovating. In this video, we detail numerous Nice to Have items like garbage disposals to Bells & Whistles such as  lighting under your counter.  Finding budget-friendly kitchen renovation ideas is fun when you see them implemented into your kitchen design.

Nice to Have Items

  1. Dish Washer
  2. Drawer Knobs or Pulls
  3. Speciality Drawers
  4. Window Dressing
  5. Islands
  6. Seating

Be sure to write down your final thoughts on our ULTIMATE HOME IMPROVEMENT GUIDE for when you go shopping.

Kitchen remodel Bells & Whistles

This is where I think that the fun begins.  You want to save enough in the previous section of Essentials and Like to Have categories in order to make it to the Bells & Whistles part of a kitchen renovation.  Just because we are doing a kitchen makeover on a budget does not mean that you can’t include Bells & Whistles.  

It may mean that you have to delay the additional upgrades or rearrange your priorities once you see what your budget can buy you!

Bells & Whistle Items

  1. Garbage Disposal
  2. Pot Rack
  3. Cabinet Lighting
  4. Pantry
  5. Backsplash
  6. Cabinet Organizer
kitchen backsplash

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