How to Create Backdrops for Video

Creating Backdrops for video

Backdrops for videos can be created using a few different methods. I love watching Youtube and seeing the variety of backdrops that people use for their videos.

Besides, I think we can all agree that Zoom calls have been more interesting in recent months because we get a peak into homes and see how people decorate. As a person who loves home decor, this has been extremely fun to see accent walls, color choices, and wall art.

Whether you are on calls or prerecording videos, it is safe to say that the backgrounds matter.

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Types of Backdrops

At this time, many find themselves using their homes as an office space. Having a home office has never been more valuable, right? I’ve updated my home office which also doubles as the backdrop of my Youtube Channel headquarters. 

First and foremost, there were many things that I learned as I sat down to decide what would best in the background.  I will show details of the process in another post. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  1. budget
  2. color
  3. decor pieces
  4. portable
  5. lighting
  6. design

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Budget-friendly Backgrounds

First, backdrops for video in your home do not need to be expensive.  With a fresh coat of paint, you can transform a plain wall into the perfect backdrop. In our video, I show you several examples for inspiration. You can CLICK HERE for more ideas.

Second, using a curtain or piece of fabric can be a quick solution to making your Zoom call background more interesting.  I got this idea off of a photographer friend, Cyrissa from Sparkle Society.  

It should be noted that you can install brad nails and use binder clips to hold the fabric on the wall. This is an easy solution for photographers who may want to change out the background for a variety of options.

I used this for my Youtube channel for a few years before It was a great start until I could decide on a permanent background.

Third, using home decor pieces are a great way to showcase your background without taking away the focus of the video. You could use:

  • bookshelves
  • frames
  • shelving
  • plants
  • neon signs
  • desks
  • vases
  • chairs

There are several examples HERE.

backdrops for video

Studios or Home Office Backdrops

It should be noted that whether you are on video or not, designing your backdrop should be fun.

Also, there are a few tips that I want to point out if you are creating Youtube videos.

  1. Use your branding colors
  2. Let the background reflect the mood of your channel
  3. Display your logo if possible
  4. Make sure it isn’t too busy to distract viewers

As far as a home office, select home decor pieces that will set the mood as soon as you enter the room. Create a space that is going to inspire you to reach your full potential when you are working. Declutter the area and make it a space that you are going allow you to thrive. When you do find yourself on a Zoom call, you won’t have to scramble at the last minute.  Your backdrop will be ready to go causing you less stress. Isn’t that what we all need?

Hope this helps you with creating backdrops for your video needs!




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