How To Build A Treehouse without Losing Your Mind


How to build a treehouse without losing your mind is a fine balance of love and duty.

Yes- Our treehouse took 3 months to complete.  The jury is still out whether this was left brains childhood dream realized or just a great daddy gesture for our boys.

Either way…..I nearly lost my ever-loving mind in the process of building this treehouse.  The bonus for me in all of this was that I got to work with some really awesome new Ryobi tools.

How to build a Treehouse without losing your mind?

Here is my best advice for anyone who is planning to build a treehouse.  Talk to the builder and all who are contributing to the end product expectations before you start.

Warning: I should have known I was in trouble when left brain came home with a CAD drawing of the treehouse.  I had to ask lovingly (and with a great sense of humor in tack) that he pare down the original structure.

The 12 X 12 version was reduced to an 8 X 8 size to save time cutting wood and buying more expensive lengths.


We constructed a mock skeleton of the treehouse to see if we liked the “new” size.  We decided to embark on the building journey.

Mind you, I thought that we were building a little treehouse with used windows and doors and it would take two maybe three weekends to complete.

I had no idea that left brain had set his mind and muscles into building a structure that will last frankly, forever because it is fortified like an addition to our house.

How to Build a Treehouse is quite simple.


Find a good tree  Our tree is enormous.  We think that it is two or three trees that grew into one so we anchored the foundation to the base.



After you decided the size of your treehouse, invite some kids over who want to learn how to hammer wood and let them do the hard work.  They grow in knowledge and have enough stamina to last the entire time it is going to take you to build this monstrosity.



After the floor is in, prepare for this next step to fly and you think you may be done before the weekend is over.  Framing is so awesome and fast especially if your father-in-law comes over to help and knows what he is doing.  Father of left brain taught left brain well.



After the frame is up, dream about decorating inside and letting the kids play for hours as you happily drink your lemonade with friends because the kids are happily entertained.

Aunt Shel Shel donated a theatre stage.  We had a kitchen play station and table and chairs ready for imaginative play. I was feeling very educational and proud of my choices for their new treehouse.

My oldest son was not satisfied.  Maybe we shouldn’t have been setting his expectations by watching show after show of Treehouse Masters?  He wondered where he was suppose to plug in his refrigerator to keep his drink box cool.  And his next question (to which we had no good answer): Where is the elevator going to go?  (Crickets…!)



Wake up from above dream, you still have, I don’t know, about 300 more steps before that happy moment!



Yeah, this middle stuff is like blah, blah, blah to me at this point.   I had no idea that it was going to take so long and be so tedious.  For anyone who has read any post, you know that I love the jobs that I can see results fairly quickly.

(This was confirmation why I should always rehab a house rather than build from scratch.  I may lose my mind…..again.)



So after T111, Shingles, Roof Vents, Real Windows, Window Trim, Caulking around windows, old door, and a redesign of the front porch because I couldn’t bear to take another trip to Home Depot for more supplies…



We finally finished the treehouse.  The boys wanted a blue door so we painted it along with adding a custom designed railing with rope.   I had no idea would take so long but it really turned out amazing!!!


  The finished treehouse has been a haven for the boys.

My boys love it.

I finally did sip lemonade (thankfully because I thought at our rate I might have to switch to Hot Chocolate) and listen to boys play with their toys.

It is now the haven for all Lego builders of the block.


We are taking VOTES of what to name our treehouse.

Please comment below and let us know what name you like best!!!

Club V (After our last name)

The TreE  (Using the initials of my boys)

We are totally open for suggestions so let us know in the comments below if you have another name that would be perfect for our treehouse.

Disclaimer:  I know that there was a debate whether it was a treehouse or clubhouse with a carport. Frankly, it is anchored to a tree so by technicality, I think treehouse stands.  Either way…… it is done and it is the last time I agree to build one.

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