Homemade Leaf Banner

The maple tree in our backyard is the last one on the block to shed it’s leaves every year.  My boys love looking for the biggest and most colorful leaf and bringing it indoors to show me.  They were so excited to make their homemade leaf banner using the leaves that they collected.

Step 1

Find two sizes of the leaf shape that you want for your leaf banner.

leaf banner template

Step 2

Trace the two different leaf sizes onto card stock paper to make your template.  This makes Step 3 easier.

Step 3

Find gorgeous scrapbook paper that matches your space and use your template to draw your leaf.  My son was able to fit a big and small leaf on one piece of scrapbook paper.

leaf stencil pattern

Step 4

After cutting your leaf out, you can stop here or do what we did:  we put wallet size pictures of our family photo shoot on the leaf and laminated it.

leaf banner with custom pictures

Step 5

Find the ideal place to show off your hard work.  We attached our homemade leaf banner to our music room fire place mantle.  It added the perfect colors to a white backdrop and we are able to enjoy the pictures that Uncle Matt and Aunt Nadia took of our family this fall.

Leaf banner on the mantle

I hope that you enjoyed this simple tutorial on how to make your own homemade leaf banner.  We would love to see what you create.  Post a picture of your creation on our Facebook or Pinterest pages.



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