Homemade Chalk Paint- Fabulous or Fiction

Homemade Chalk Paint

I was curious to see if I could make my own homemade chalk paint!

How about you?

Homemade Chalk Paint

Have you seen all the recipes proclaiming they have the best homemade chalk paint?

Since I have been blogging, I have painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Milk Paint, and paint from Home Depot and not once did I think of making my own until recently.

I love to cook and the idea of making homemade chalk paint to use on my creations was a very intriguing concept and I set out to prove a few things:

First:  Could I come up with my own recipe that I liked?

Second:  Was it less expensive than store bought chalk paint?

Third:  Did it compare to store bought chalk paint?

Here are my conclusions and suggestions for you!

Yes, I came up with my own recipe.  Like all good cooks, I used the basics to make the homemade chalk paint then I experimented with the amounts of paint, water, and Plaster of Paris that I added to get different effects.

Here is my crackled aged look with a black matte finish.

homemade chalk paint with vinyl

Here is another recipe with a glitter gloss finish.  I know……Chalk paint typically is a matte finish but I wanted to see if I could get a semi gloss look and I like how it turned out.

homemade chalk paint on bottles with vinyl persoanlized

Cost and Storage

Making homemade chalk paint does cost considerably less than premium brands of chalk paint.  It does cost slightly more than latex paint, but as you will see below, it covers much better so you will get more use out of it.

Average cost of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: $35 per quart

Homemade chalk paint materials:

  • Box of Plaster of Paris (this can be found at big box construction stores)
  • Base paint (latex, tempra, acrylic, etc.)
  • Jar, can, or container for your new custom paint

You will only use a portion of the Plaster of Paris and the base paint, so the estimated cost per quart is only around $10!  You could spend more or less depending on the type and amount of base paint that you purchase, but $10 is a fair estimate.

As far as coverage, I have found that all paint has its own unique way of covering and that is a preference rather than a fact.  My homemade chalk paint covered glass perfectly and I will use it for bigger projects.

The one downside to my homemade chalk paint is that after storing it in jar, it certainly needed stirred and water needed to be added after sitting for a month.  This can be a problem if you want the exact same shade for a project that you are working on.
homemade chalk paint centerpiece

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