Amazing French Inspired Home Ideas in 2021 with budgeting tips

Top 8 French Inspired Home Ideas

In my opinion, a french inspired home is beautiful, elegant, and has the ability to evoke relaxation through a variety of design elements. Personally, it is my style of choice. In today’s video, we discuss the 8 elements that homeowners can consider when choosing a french inspired home. For inspiration to get started, CLICK HERE.

  • Natural Elements
  • Muted Colors
  • Use of Fabric
  • Extravagant Lighting
  • Touches of Gold
  • Tapestry
  • Script
  • Symbols or Landmarks

Natural Elements

First, using natural elements as a feature wall or design element is the perfect way to add a french flair to any room. In my opinion, you can do this with budget-friendly design elements like faux brick paneling. Additionally, painting or exposing stone or brick is another way to highlight natural materials in your home. For additional french inspired home ideas, CLICK HERE.

faux brick

Muted Colors

As far as I know, most items can be painted. At least those are words that I live by these days. That being declared, pick a color scheme that works for you and have fun.

Of course, muted colors are the color palette of choice if you are going for a french inspired look in your home. If you are stuck on deciding (since there are so many great colors), then find a paint brand that suggests coordinating colors that can help you narrow down your choices. Click Here for more ideas.

muted color

Incorporating Fabric

Because a french home leaves no detail behind, using fabric to set the tone is essential. Drapery is the perfect way to hang fabric in a home. Adding drapes is the perfect french inspired home idea that can be added quickly.

Third, since shopping for drapery or window dressing can be a task, always have your color pallet on hand to keep your focus. Also, remember to measure the length of the window and consider going to the floor to add a touch of elegance.

natural elements

Extravagant Lighting

Forth, in addition to fabric, adding light fixtures that are trimmed in crystals or chandeliers are a perfect addition for french inspired home ideas.

For this reason, you can’t have enough lighting and there are many ways to add lighting to your home.

  • Lamps
  • Pendants
  • Chandeliers
  • Night Lamps
  • Bedside Lamps

Remember, if you can’t find what you are looking for in a store, then try a DIY project to add your own design. CLICK HERE for step by step instructions of how to build your own bookshelves using materials you can find at any construction materials store.

french lighting

Touches of Gold

Fifth, touches of gold set decor items apart from the rest. Additionally, adding gold to anything is a great touch. You can paint numerous items in your home to tie in color and design such as:

In my opinion, these are all great DIY projects that can help you save money but still connect with the french vibe in your home. For more french inspired home ideas, CLICK HERE.


Sixth, while I have not used tapestry in my own home, I did find several Etsy shops that had stunning designs. If you want to add a scene to your wall, you could purchase an amazing tapestry HERE.

For example, this beautiful work of art is the perfect addition to a wall where you want to add a unique twist to canvas art.

Adding Script Writing

Similarly, our seventh idea considers adding scriptwriting to just about anything in a french inspired home. So, we have painted or used fabric with a french script on numerous surfaces.

Also, adding script can be as easy as buying a shower curtain and adding a ruffle to the bottom to give it an elegant touch.

french script

Symbols and Landmarks

Last, nothing says french inspired in your home like the Eiffel Tower. As a result, you can find numerous winks and nods to french culture using many symbols of the culture.

  • Roosters
  • Bikes
  • Keys
  • Arc de Triumph
  • Cafe Benches
  • Seaside

Thus, adding any of these symbols can evoke the feeling of being in France which, in my opinion, is always a great!

effile tower

So, grab a croissant and a cup of tea and start dreaming of the elements you are going to add to your home. I can’t wait to see what you decide to do in your space.

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