Easy DIY Fall Projects

Our video tutorial will help you create easy DIY fall decor that you can use year after year.

My summer flowers are still blooming but the calendar keeps moving forward into this cooler season. We have been enjoying the cooler nights by our FIREPIT that we built a few years ago. However, it is time to transition the porch to fall decor and what better way than with Dollar Tree items.

Fortunately, I like to reuse my fall decor from year to year and combine easy DIY projects with Dollar Store finds. In the past, we used Quikrete to make pumpkins using molds we found at Dollar Tree. Year after year, these fall decor pieces serve as an anchor for our fall decor.

Obviously, there are traditional fall decor pieces that can be included in your theme.

  • pumpkins
  • mums
  • signs
  • wreaths

In addition to decor pieces, you can tie together your theme with color. Our PINTEREST BOARD is a great place to get inspiration for your front porch. Try these FALL RECIPES to really set the mood as you decorate your front porch. In today’s video, we show how to paint your pumpkin to customize your overall theme to your taste.

fall decor pumpkins

REusable DIY Pumpkins

First, I am a fan a Quikrete. This concrete product has many uses. We were designing our CONCRETE COUNTERTOPS when I decided to try making pumpkins.

Second, the beauty about using concrete is that if fall days are windy, they will not blow away.

Third, you can use your DIY fall decor year after year. It may need a fresh coat of paint but that is easy to fix. CLICK HERE FOR PAINTING IDEAS. You can add other DIY projects that you have painted to your fall inspired porch.

Last, reusable pumpkins saves you money on basic decor so that you can spend on enhancing what you have with gems or tulle.

DIY Porch Decor

In my opinion, there are many ways to showcase your style with your DIY projects. Adding easy DIY projects to your front porch can not only showcase your style, it can create a welcoming environment.

Obviously, you have to create an outdoor space that fits your space. Remember to keep in mind that anything exposed to the elements will need to be weatherproof or plan on it being discarded at the end of the season. These are items that could be included in your front porch fall decor.

  • chairs
  • swings
  • chandeliers
  • rocking chairs
  • hay
  • cornstock
  • mums
  • lanterns
  • signs
  • planter stands
  • bows
  • stuffed scarecrows
  • pillows

We can’t wait to see what you are able to create on your front porch this season. Please let us know how much your enjoy looking at your DIY fall decor that you were able to create.



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