DIY room decor ideas- Part One

DIY Room Decor

When it comes to DIY room decor, what is the most important element for you?

  •  The color of the walls?
  •  The furniture in the room?
  •  The art that hangs on the walls?


room decor Part 1 paper

Admittedly, I’m a girl who wants it all!  My husband now smiles at this and happily helps with the ideas that pop into my head.

Today, I am tackling my home office.  I work from home so I want this room decor to rock!!!  I also crave a haven from the hectic days where I can escape, even if only for a cup a tea or to read my email in peace.

My office is on the third floor which has great natural light but it was a partially finished attic with rough walls.  We already did some DIY room decor upgrades like painting the walls and adding inexpensive carpet but the walls were still needed some finishing touches.

I decided to use repositionable wallpaper from Target again since we loved how it turned out in the dining room. 

This is the before picture of the office wall.  Do you have a room like this that needs some help with a room decor upgrade?

DIY room decor- office space

This project took an hour with both left brain and I holding or setting the wallpaper in place.

 Target stocks 8-10 different patterns and colors in removable wallpaper.  I liked the neutral color of this design and it adds the French-Inspired vibe that I like.  There are many other styles and colors.  Click here for free shipping on orders $25 or more from Target.

Putting up pattern wallpaper for your room decor adds depth and color but it has its quirks.  For example, we quickly found that each strip was not cut identically from the factory!  This meant that the patterns were not all equal and we had to carefully make minor adjustments when cutting and applying each strip.

On this strip of paper we matched the design edges and didn’t use any overlap:

DIY room decor

On the next strip of paper, we overlapped the edges.

First tip: The overlapped seam blended in and was much less visible.

DIY room decor overlapping edges

Second tip: If you have any protrusions on the wall, first scrape them off or hammer them in.

DIY room decor removable wallpaper

Third tip: There are a few differences in using the entire 20″ piece of wallpaper versus cutting it in half like we did in our dining room.  The full 20″ strips tended to bubble in sections.  We saved time using the entire strip but lost some time trying to line up the design.

Either way, I would use this wallpaper again to spruce up any room decor.

Stayed tuned for Part 2 – Furniture and Part 3 – Wall Art as we complete this space.  Sign up for our free newsletter for updates when we complete DIY projects.

Have you used removable wallpaper before and have some tips to share with us?  Please comment below or pin your projects to our Pink Tool Girl Superstars!




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  1. I can’t wait for the finished look, you give me the incentive to get off the sofa and move. Thank you Sandy

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