DIY Concrete Countertops

Building your very own concrete kitchen countertop can be difficult without instruction. Let me help you through all the hurdles so that you can easily create an exquisite kitchen countertop for your beautiful home!

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The most comprehensive course for designing, creating, and finishing your Concrete Countertops

DIY Concrete Countertops by Pink Tool Girl is the only course that not only gives you the confidence to tackle the project and also shows you exactly how to complete each critical step of the process with checklists, tips, and videos to create concrete countertops without a hitch!

Before I Tell You All About How To Create Your Concrete Countertops let's talk about who this is really for...

  • You have amazing style
  • Your kitchen needs numerous upgrades
  • You have some building & DIY skills 
  • You are over budget and are looking for some places to cut costs 

Whether you are… 

  1. Looking for a way to save money without sacrificing style
  2. Wanting a customized countertop that stands out above the rest
  3. Excited about upgrading your kitchen without breaking the budget.


You are in the right place and I am going to tell you exactly how our DIY Concrete Countertops Course will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled resources on your journey to creating your very own concrete countertops.

By the end of this course you will have:

concrete countertops

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On SALE- $97.00

What Our customers say

Sandy and Andy helped us each step of the way. We had numerous questions which they answered while providing valuable tips. Their tool suggestions helped the process go smoothly. We would recommend learning from their expertise.


I would recommend learning with her because…she has the ability to teach in a way that makes learning enjoyable.  She is able to take her knowledge and explain it in an understandable way. -Amy I corrected the testimonial. I would recommend learning with Sandy becaus she has the ability to teach in a way that makes learning enjoyable.  She is able to take her knowledge and explain it in an understandable way.

Amy K.

The 5 Stages for DIY Concrete Countertops

Stage 1- Decisions to Consider Before You Start

Here is why it pays to learn from someone who has gone before you. We have been exactly where you are needing to make numerous decisions before buying anything!  

In this module we will give you guidelines to help you decide whether to pour your countertops in place or if pouring off-site will work better for you.

Additionally, we will start setting you up for success by getting some big decisions out of the way.  You will need to know your end design before you begin so we will help you determine what type of concrete you should use.

Finally, we will help you decide whether to use white or natural colored concrete and whether to dye the wet mix or stain after hardening.


  • Decide on the color you want the countertops.  Knowing before you begin determines how you go about coloring the concrete and what concrete to purchase.
  • Discover what tools you will need to begin this project.  Having thought out in advance what your final design prepares you for success. Your planning is critical at this stage.
  • Map out a timeline of your entire project from start to finish and plan your start date with a few focused hours of uninterrupted time.

Stage 2- Coloring Your Concrete Countertops

There are endless options for coloring your concrete countertops.   The number of options can be daunting so we simplify the decision-making process for you.  You will have clarity about your decision because we present to you the pros and cons of each choice. 

You are going to get our tried-and-true tips from mistakes that we have made that you won’t have to make those same mistakes.  We will also give you several resources so that you will be happy with your final color selection.


  • Decide on the color technique that you will use.  You will have several options to choose from and we give you local or mail-order sources for the color options
  • Determine whether you will color your countertops while wet or dry.  Each choice has a pro and a con which we will discuss at length to help you make your decision.
  • Learn from our mistakes instead of making your own.  This will save you time, money, and frustration.

Stage 3- Preparation & Tool Suggestions

Our goal is to guide you in specific tools you will need for this project.   You may have most of these tools in your possession already but we will guide you where to get the job-specific tools needed for this project.


Next you are going to understand why having your tools all in one place is most beneficial.   Knowing what tools to use for each stage is vital and we lay out in a very organized fashion to keep your project flowing.



  • Determine where to purchase tools.  The right tools for this project are essential and you will be guided to specific tools at certain stages to get the desired results.
  • Discover which tool you will use for each stage. Our detailed videos will guide you through each stage while the concrete cures and which tool must be used to achieve the finish you desire.

Stage 4- Materials Required

Our goal is to guide you in specific materials you will need to create this project. We provide a detailed list of materials that you will need for each section of the project.  


Next, you are going to create your countertops with the materials.   Knowing what materials to use for each stage is vital and we layout in a very organized fashion to keep your project flowing.



  • Determine where to purchase materials.  The specialized materials for this project are essential and you will be guided to specific materials at certain stages to get the desired results.
  • Discover what type of materials will work for your countertops.  We help you choose unique materials that will shape this project to be a one-of-a-kind creation. Our checklists help you plan all of the pieces to create amazing countertops.

Stage 5- Timeline & Tips

One of the best advantages of taking this course is having a timeline. We provide a detailed timeline of each section so that you will know how to plan for your project.  


Your countertop creation is unique to your kitchen so we give suggestions of how to finalize the project. Knowing what suggestions work for this DIY project is extremely helpful.  We guide you to make the best-informed decisions to take away guessing about the unknown aspects of this project.



  • Determine how long this project will take from start to finish.  There are some variations to the timeline that we help you plan so you can complete your countertops.
  • Discover what tips & tricks work for the best results.  We guide you with suggestions that take the guesswork out of this project.
concrete countertops

Start Creating Family Memories Around Your New Concrete Countertops

Our course will help you create Concrete Countertops each step of the way!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Do you think an average person can do this project?

We understand that starting a new DIY project can be overwhelming. We have tried to make it easy for you by breaking it down into small sections and providing numerous checklists to guide you along the way.

I’m a beginner DIY enthusiast. Would you recommend this project for me?

It is our opinion that you should have experience with several prior DIY projects and also common power tools in order to start this project. This project is extensive, so we recommend that you or a helper of your should have some prior DIY skills in order to tackle this project.

Can I complete this project in a weekend?

It depends. There are many variables that will determine the size and complexity of your project. After taking this course, a single-piece countertop could be started and finished in a weekend. However, multiple pieces or long lengths will probably stretch longer than only one weekend.

Do concrete countertops cost less that granite and quartz?

Yes, when use the methods and preparation in this course. We have found that it can cost 1/3 to 1/4 of those countertop materials including the tools that will need to be purchased.

Is it possible to get the concrete to look like granite or marble?

Yes, if the correct coloring techniques are used. We make several recommendations and resources that show how to add veining and natural-looking finishes.

Are concrete countertops durable?

Yes, they are made from the same stuff that trucks drive on! We help make them both strong, durable, while pretty.

Will I need to re-seal or us special cleaning techniques?

We have found that they will give many years of life without any special maintenance.

What products do I need?

In our course we list out every product that will be needed including reliable suppliers that we have used for each stage of the process.






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