Design Your Custom Acrylic Calendar

Do you need help to Design Your Custom Acrylic Calendar?  A custom calendar is a perfect way to stay organized.    Our new course, How to design and create your Custom Acrylic Calendar is available now.  This course helps you create a calendar for your decor, provides a checklist for tools and materials and includes video tutorials.

  • Do you have kids starting school?
  • Is your office in need of a new central calendar to help everyone stay organized?
  • Could you use a large calendar to write down all the activities for your family?
  • Would you like a calendar that actually matches your home decor?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then our course would be perfect for you!

Having an acrylic calendar that matches your decor and sized perfectly for your space is what our course helps you design.

For that reason, we created our custom acrylic calendar, which is visible in our home every time we come or go, to help us keep track of our family schedule.  For three years, we have been using it for menu ideas, important dates, and practice schedules.   Everyone knows the important dates because the calendar is updated monthly.

custom acrylic calendar


  1.  Place vinyl on the underside to make it easier to erase without the dry erase residue.
  2. Select a larger piece of acrylic glass.
  3. Design a way to lift the acrylic further from the wall so I would clean behind it.

So, numerous people who came through our home on a Christmas tour asked if I could help them design a custom acrylic calendar for their house.  I am delighted that so many people love this project, therefore, I designed a course to help anyone wanting this little gem in their home.

Custom Acrylic Calendar


First, I designed the course with the busy person in mind.  Second, it doesn’t matter what home decor style your house currently showcases, the custom part of the class gives you ideas that can apply to any style.

The course includes:

  • Short Video Tutorials
  • Transcription of the Videos
  • Audio of the Course
  • Tool Lists
  • Materials Lists
  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Shopping Suggestions


Above all, it is our desire to wrap this project up in a neat little package with all the thinking already done for you.

Besides that, who has time to reinvent the wheel?

You still get to put your creative twist on your acrylic calendar, we just give you a head start on all the other goodies~

Furthermore, you can stop looking around for what materials you need, the tools you will use, or how to do each step.  We did that for you too.


Right Now!!!  I get it.  You are busy.  We want you to have the knowledge of how to create and design your Custom Acrylic Calendar.   Also, depending on your skill level and how fancy you are getting with your acrylic calendar, your calendar will be up and ready in a few hours.

It is our goal to help you with organizing and a custom acrylic calendar looks great anywhere.  My friend, Abby at Just a Girl and Her Blog, takes organizing to the next level.  Check her blog out to see how you can further organize your home.

Remember, if you like to do DIY Projects, then sign up for our updates or to get our free checklists for projects you may want to tackle in the future!

Have an awesome day!!!


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