The Day the Dumpster Came

The Day the Dumpster Came was long anticipated.

We knew we needed to rent a dumpster.  Tearing down the walls and getting ready for the renovation would require a rental but we weren’t sure what size to rent.  We went with the largest dumpster.  I really didn’t think we would fill it to the top.  Truth be told, we filled that puppy until it was almost overflowing and sadly, we need another but that is a completely different story.

filled dumpster

My boys and I sat patiently as we watched the dumpster arrive early in the morning.  The dented dirty metal trash container might as well been a shiny new toy for all of the excitement it provided for us.  All of the levers and bells and whistles (literally) awoke the neighbors as they unloaded it from the flatbed to our yard.

the day the dumpster came 2

For two weeks, the dumpster was an eyesore to all who sat in our backyard.  My only solace was that it meant that we were finally moving forward in transforming our duplex into a single family dwelling.  Key tip about a dumpster: it will ruin the area of grass that it covers.  If you are planning on doing yard work which you can read about our experiences with flattening our backyard, plan to do it after the dumpster departs.

We thought it would be fun to have a demo party so we invited friends and family to bring hammers, safety glasses, and masks and go to town tearing down some walls.  I had no idea that so many people would actually take us up on our offer.  For two weeks, our house was host to dust and debris and loads of visitors who enjoyed demolition and actually asked us to call them again because apparently boys love tearing down things.

The day the dumpster cameSometime you find some gems behind the walls such as a chimney that will add some awesome exposed-brick character!

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