Christmas Decorating Ideas

Could you use help in narrowing down what Christmas decorating ideas will work for you this year?  christmas decorating ideasI go shopping on black Friday and yes….I consider it fun.   I started the tradition AFTER I had kids for one main reason.  I leave the house at 4:00 a.m. and get coffee and breakfast without my kids and stores other than Walmart are open.

My sister and I laugh our way through the craziness of deciding what Christmas decorating ideas are most popular this year.   She was convinced that my husband needed Star Wars Storm Trooper footie pajamas to match my children.  I laughed very hard in Target at 5:00 a.m. thinking of the fat chance I had at getting the left brain into that number.

My boys in matching pajamas was not the Christmas decorating idea that I had envisioned.  I was thinking of an advent calendar for my kids to count down until Christmas.  I felt it was time to start the tradition.

I couldn’t get over the variety of advent calendars available for purchase.  They come in all shapes and sizes.   They match any style of decor.  You can buy them ready to go or you can make your own.

I decided after looking at several ideas that I wanted to make a simple advent calendar and personalize it for my kids.  I like when Christmas decorating ideas mean something.

Like any good mother, I came home and stashed their Christmas gifts, then I sat down and started to research on Pinterest.

Here are five advent calendars that I liked the best and wanted to share them with you.  I was looking for an advent calendar that would blend with our current Christmas decor but have some flexibility to make it fit my boys interests and start a family tradition.

Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom made this simple and practical advent calendar.  I like that my boys could decorate the clothes pins and have a part in creating their own calendar.

Make an Easy Advent Calendar using clothespins and washi tape. #advent #washitape #craft:

This next advent calendar by Mum in the Mad House caught my attention because my boys could pick the paper that they liked to make the shapes.  More importantly, each day detailed something that they could give to someone else and that is something we are trying to teach our kids during this festive season.

free printables advent acts of kindness

Our family loves to laugh.  Adding a sense of humor to the countdown until Christmas is always a stellar idea.  We will all survive the bumps of the holiday if only we continue to laugh through life.  Modern Parents Messy Kids did a great advent tree.  They put it on the wall  with tape which I just loved.

My kids are so into puns & knock-knock jokes they'll love this and minimal work for me to keep up with!

This next one is just brilliant!  I’m keeping it in my back pocket for years to come.   I love it as a mother of boys.  Skip to My Lou nailed this one!!

Wooden Yardstick Advent Calendar

A picture does say 1000 words.  In the case of my three year old, this is good because he can’t always be understood without my six year old to interrupt.  Thinking Closet came up with a great idea to use instagram pictures from the year on the advent calendar.

Instagram Photo Advent Calendar! Such a fun way to remember highlights from the year as you countdown the days till Christmas.

Tomorrow my little guys decide which way they want to decorate their Advent calendar and I plan to share their final project with you.  Until then, I hope that you are finding ways to bring Christmas Decoration ideas into your holiday traditions.

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    1. Glad you liked it. I actually thought of you! I saved it for next year as well because I don’t have enough pics of my kids for this year to make it interesting for them!

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