Renovation Projects

Explore some of our favorite home improvement projects!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Do you find it impossible to find the perfect gift for Father’s Day? Go buy some Tools! And for this Father’s Day, I will let

DIY backyard fence

A DIY backyard fence takes time (and a good deal of patience if doing the project with a perfectionist) but it is well worth the

The Day the Dumpster Came

The Day the Dumpster Came was long anticipated. We knew we needed to rent a dumpster.  Tearing down the walls and getting ready for the

3 Major Home Renovations

Home renovations!  You either love them or hate them.  What are your thoughts on home renovations?  I happen to really like renovations.  I love potential!

Top 5 DIY Home Decor of 2015

DIY Home Decor 2015 year in review! Here is it folks!  The top 5 DIY Home Decor projects from Pink Tool Girl.  Thanks to all

Office Space Upgrade

Getting my niece ready for college inspired me to give my office space a makeover.  Since we have been busy demolishing half of our house,

Top 10 Tools Every Homeowner Needs

What tools do you need to successfully finish your home improvement project?