Canvas Art – Tips to buying and selecting your style

diy room decor tips for buying canvas art

What is your favorite style of canvas art?

While I was searching for a piece of canvas art to pull my office room decor together, I found this beauty at Home Goods.

I could not resist it.  It has tons of colors, there are water fountains, people on bikes, and lots of cute little cafes. For crying out loud there is an Eiffel Tower that sparkles!  That was the clincher for me.  It was the perfect touch for “part two” of the DIY room decor upgrade.

canvas art selections

I love canvas art.

I love that art can transport you to a place and make a room feel a certain way just by the activity on the canvas.

Canvas Art is personal.

Everyone has a style of music that they love.  Try to discuss why someone likes or dislikes country or another style of music and trust me… gets personal quickly.  I have 15 years of teaching music appreciation to back up this statement.  Art may be less familiar than a tune on the radio but people still favor a style.

So, when it comes to selecting a piece of art for your room decor…..

What canvas art makes you happy?

Maybe you don’t know because you haven’t thought about it but you’d like to get started adding art to your room decor.  Sometimes this is the feature that people comment on that is missing from the room to complete the look.

Here are some art styles that are commonly used in room decor.

There are replicas of the classic paintings by Monet, Picasso, Renoir, or Degas.  Admittedly, these might be for the hardcore art enthusiast.  I have a few Vettriano works, who is a modern painter.  Some quick internet shopping can lead you to replica canvas art by these artists.

Monet, Renoir, and Vettriano Artists
Landscape pictures of the beach, a mountain, the dessert, a city skyline, or farm items are popular.

canvas art collage of beach, mountain, desert, city, and farm

Available on All Free

Trend followers like to have the latest in room decor ideas which might include a mustache or a popular saying.

mustache canvas art

Motivational statements or verses are another very popular way to spruce up your room decor with a framed art piece.  This was a $7.00 Goodwill find that I painted and repurposed for our music room.  I will include a tutorial on how you can do this inexpensive project in your own home.

canvas art hand painting

Art can be as simple as pictures of your loved ones framed on your wall.  You can mix frame shapes, sizes, and colors or print your pictures in a specific style (I chose sepia) to go with your existing room decor.

framed pictures

There really is no right or wrong when it comes to what you like.

There are general practices that could help your art look good in a room.

Putting some thought into these areas can help your room decor feel complete.

  1. The size of canvas compared to the room size.
  2. The color combinations in the art piece needs to compliment the colors of the room.  You can paint the entire room or select a different art piece.  The work load and decision are totally on you.
  3. The theme of your art and how it flows with the rest of your home decor.

Comment below and tell us what canvas art you liked from this post.  We would love to hear from you.  If you want updates from and our latest projects, subscribe to our free newsletter today.



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