Beautiful Stencil on Dining Room Table

Transform Your Dining Room Table with a Makeover!

Does your dining room table need a makeover?

We had a glass table.

After having kids, the dining room table was without fingerprints.

Many people say that this stage will pass, but for me, it was therapy or the table.

Ultimately, it is cheaper to stencil a new table.

dining room table stencil with chairI am addicted to HGTV magazine and any of the shows on HGTV.  Frankly, I secretly dream of what it would be like to host my own show and I maybe have even interviewed myself for the spot.  Maybe therapy would have been worth it, but here is the point of the story.

Stencil Designs & Inspiration

I saw an article about stenciling a dining room table.  I have never been big on using stencils but I love the pictures of projects and thought that I could give it a try.

dining room table with stencil and cups

First I had to find a table that I could attempt to transform without spending a fortune.  I didn’t want to spend a ton of money in case the effort was a flop.

Goodwill had the perfect wooden table.   It had one leaf but had the capacity to extend another 2-4 feet which would allow me to have an eight-foot table when fully extended.

dining room table stencil with both chairs

Dining Room Table Makeover on a Budget

It has always been a dream of mine to have a table that would seat twenty so I could host that picture-perfect Norman Rockwell holiday meal.  You know: the one with everyone sitting at one table with beautiful dishes.  I think I still have scars for having to sit at the kid table well into my twenties.

Our last 800 square foot house could barely support twenty people period.   Forget about sitting down for a meal.  Being a social person, this was disappointing because I love hosting huge gatherings.

dinig room table stencil with place setting

The dining room in our new Victorian home is much larger and I still find myself giddy over the extra room. This new table was going to be the perfect addition if only I had those extra leaves and the table wasn’t so, well….ugly.  It really did mess up the vibe I had envisioned.

I have a very handy husband that is often lovingly coerced into helping me with my designing visions.  He is all left brain and has happily been adjusting to living with a right brain for nearly 10 years.  We’ve learned that joining forces has produced great things…like our two little ones (wink wink):

Dining Room Table Makeover using DIY extensions

I asked him to use his engineering skills and design leaves to extend the dining room table makeover.  He still had doubts about my stenciling idea that would come next.  But in his continual effort to keep me happy, he did his part and left the rest to me.

The man exceeded my vision.  He not only designed two leaves which fit perfectly, he built me a removable extension that also increases the width by three feet that allows me to sit sixteen people comfortably around the table.

Using Oak Veneered Plywood

You know that feeling when a dream comes true?  Well, sixteen people around the table are close enough to my dream (numbers really haven’t ever been my thing anyway).  I’m ecstatic!  This dining room table makeover helped my dream come true.

The high-quality oak-veneered plywood that he purchased has a nice smooth surface which calmed my pain of rough-cut 4×8 sheets of plywood that used to serve as the family dining room table at holidays.

Large Dining Room Table

If I, the right brain, would have been left with this task, there would have been a gap where both tables joined since there is a slight curve to the original table.

My man, the left brain, matched the curve on both the leaves and the extension perfectly.

So…back to the stenciling:  he had doubts.  The left brain could not imagine why you would paint a wood table and how something so ugly could fit as a centerpiece in the dining room.

up close dining room makeover stencil french inspired

Trusting your gut is a good thing.  Even against such doubt, I asked him to drag the table outside so that I could transform it while he was away at work.  Yes, we had to eat without a table for two days while I worked my magic but the results were worth it.

How to do a dining room table makeover in 2 days

Our new dining room table is one of our favorite pieces in the house.  It feels like you have been transported to a Parisian Bistro when you enter the room.  It’s just the pick me up I need when flying to Paris just isn’t on the itinerary for that day.

dining room table makeover with stencil and cups

A few special design choices have spruced up this room which was once an eyesore.  We added a chandelier and stripes on the wall which you can read about in another post.

Before the dining room table makeover!

Here is what I did to transform our sad and tired table in the chic and wonderful dining room table.

unfinished dining room table before makeover

Stencil tutorial

Things needed:

  • Stencils (one of ours was made by American Decor which can be purchased at Michael’s)
  • Anne Sloane chalk paint (choose two contrasting colors)
  • Anne Sloane soft wax (choose a clear or dark color depending on the look you are trying for)
  • Masking tape or Frog tape for the best edge
  • Small paint roller
  • Stencil paint brush

Step #1
I painted the original table with two coats of Anne Sloane chalk paint with Napoleon Blue.

stencil how to stepone

Step #2
I purchased a Parisian stencil by American Decor at Michael’s for $9.00 and another decorative stencil with a vintage triangle pattern for $8.00 to add as a contrasting pattern.  I wanted the dining room to have a European Parisian vibe and this stencil was going to rock.

dining room table makeover using frog tape and stencils

Step #3
I used Frog Tape to tape off the edges to make sure that my pattern would be straight.  I measured the table and taped off where I would use the Parisian stencil.

dining room table makeover using frog tape

Side note:  I did end up eyeing up the stencil a few times….the left brain was away at work so I could put the measuring tape away.   Old habits die hard.

After figuring out where I would use my contrasting stencil, I inserted the three leaves to make sure that they lined up as well.

Step #4
I used Anne Sloan Chalk Paint in Antique White as my accent stencil color.  The contrast is perfect.

dining room table makeover using Anne Sloan chalk paint

Step #5

I used a roller brush and a stencil brush for the project.

dining room table makeover using stencil brush and rollers

When working with a larger stencil pattern, a roller brush can save time but the stencil bristles are needed for the details in the corner.

If repeating a pattern multiple times, wipe off the paint on both sides before using it again.

I am glad that I used a bigger stencil for this big project.  Truth be told, this was a huge project for a first time using a stencil.  I am really glad I had a big stencil because I think I may have quit if it would have been smaller.

dining room stencil with detail

Optional Step #6

When the paint is dry, go over it with a coat of Anne Sloane wax.  This will add some more texture and will protect the surface.

I hope that you have been inspired by this post or at least giggled a little if you can relate to my own life.  If you like this post, please let us know below and subscribe to our email for future posts.

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