Home renovations!  You either love them or hate them.  What are your thoughts on home renovations?  I happen to really like renovations.  I love potential!

As a musical director, I can see the finished production in my mind from the first read.  I picture the end results of every aspect of the show.  We have weeks to rehearse the music and build the sets but the final curtain call is always driving me.

Pink Tool Girl was started to help others find the right tools for projects at home.  Just like directing a musical, I enjoy helping people see the potential in their home.  I offer DIY tips and tricks from projects and home renovations that we have conquered.

3 Major Home Renovations

(that that you must face with humor)

3 major home renovations 2

But there comes a time when you just shouldn’t Do It Yourself.  Our next stage of our home renovations is one of those times.  We decided to call for help.  Here is why!

We have a major sag in a floor and new structure and supporting beams need to be installed…we cannot fix that on our own.  And there will be a few miles of drywall needed so we are calling in the professionals to get us over the major hurdles.  Then we will pick up the baton once again.

My husband lovingly informed me that, “I can’t see the picture in your head”  so I’ve started finding images to pin on Pinterest.  Now that is a great tool!!!

Here is a look at the “proverbial” before and after pictures of our renovation.  I hope you laugh a little at how ugly our current pictures are right now.  All the more to dazzle you with when we finish each room.  It is going to be a few months until these renovation projects are complete so sign up for our free subscription and get an email each time we post an update.

Dream Kitchen:

This is the kitchen I see in my head.  Clean lines, exposed brick wall, and herringbone brick pattern on the floor.  I would change out the door pulls for something less modern but other than that, I love this look!

home renovations
Contemporary Kitchen by Baton Rouge Interior Designers & Decorators TY LARKINS INTERIORS

Current Kitchen:

I have this.  I know, it may look rough to the untrained eye, or any eye for that matter in this current state, but seriously this kitchen is going to rock.  The exposed brick is going to shine when I’m done with it.

Home renovations- kitchen demo

Dream Master Bathroom

I love this bathroom and I want to duplicate it in my space.  The chandelier captured my heart from the the beginning.  I also love the tile and glass door shower with the french inspired vanity and trim work.

home renovations
Victorian Bathroom by Burlington Interior Designers & Decorators Barnard & Speziale | The Interior Design Company

Current Master Bathroom:

My bathroom is a blank canvas.  Sure, it is a hot mess right now but in a few weeks this space is going to have a different layout, a toilet closet, and with the right vanities, I’m going to have a master bath oasis.

home renovations- bathroom demo

Dream Living Room:

This living room is the perfect hang out spot for any family.  It has enough seating and I love the chandelier.  I also adore the crown molding along the ceiling.  I envision white couches but in reality I will select a couch color suitable for raising young boys and keeping my sanity!

home renovations
Victorian Living Room by South West Interior Designers & Decorators VSP Interiors

Current Living Room:

My space has potential written all over it!  There may be no walls or ceiling but I plan to have the brick wall be a feature in the new living room with the kitchen and dining room flowing perfectly together to make the space function for entertaining and family fun night.

home renovations- living room

I’m ready to start directing this production so we can get moving on the fun DIY home decor projects that I also love doing which we will highlight for you as well.

I’m excited to get to work with great tools, products, contractors, companies, and share what I learn with you.  This isn’t our first renovation but it is certainly our largest so enjoy the ride as we get this job done.

Thanks again for stopping by and as always, I hope that you get a nugget of help finding the right tools for your projects.   Sign up for our free subscription for all updates.


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